10th anniversary film festival “Kustendorf” Emir Kusturica opens in Serbia

Emir Kusturica

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BELGRADE, January 14. /Offset. TASS Pavel Bushuev/. The tenth international film festival “Kustendorf” (Kustendorf Film and Music Festival) begins on Saturday its work in the Serbian ethno-village Drvengrad in Mokra Gora area near the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. A showcase of short films by young Directors organized by the founder and ideological inspirer of the festival, the famous film Director Emir Kusturica, under the support of Ministry of culture of Serbia.

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This year the competition program will take part 22 films of young authors from 19 countries who were selected from over 500 works. Open show of Filipino Director Lav Diaz with his painting “the Woman who left” (Ang babaeng humayo, 2016). Also on the first day, viewers will show a 40 minute film about the famous guests of “Kustendorf”, which over the past 9 years of existence, has accumulated a lot . After midnight the program will continue itself Kusturica with his band the No Smoking Orchestra (“Know tuxedo orchestra”, Serb. Zabranjeno Puenje).

At the end of the festival the jury will award three awards – the Golden egg for first place, silver and bronze balls for the second and third places respectively. For best cinematography is awarded the Prize vil’ko of Filca.

“Kustendorf-2017” will be held on the Serbian premiere of the highly anticipated film titled “the milky way” (On the Milky Road, 2016) with Monica Bellucci in the title role. New work Kusturica takes place during the Bosnian war. The main character is a milkman, who daily carries on a donkey through the front line of supplies for the soldiers. He meets a mysterious Italian woman who turns his life upside down. The main roles in the film played himself Kusturica and Bellucci. In Russian, the film was released on 12 January 2017.

Festival “Kustendorf” free from red carpets, glamour, advertisement and invited for money hotel. According to Kusturica, the idea was to make the festival free “from the spirit of Hollywood,” which he considers “ideological machine”, claiming that Hollywood is “occupied mankind consumer stupidity” and poses a threat to the author’s film and cinema.

The festival will last until January 19.

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