89th birthday of the poet of the sixties Dementiev met at home

Personal occasion of laureate of the state prize of the USSR was accompanied by several events: the birthday of the House of poetry, which on the initiative of Andrei Dmitrievich was opened in Tver in 2013, and the emergence of new attractions regional capital of the upper Volga region.

Tsereteli, Dementiev, Rodina, Vladimir Vasiliev. Photo: Konstantin Bezhetskiy

Tver House of poetry unique in its kind not only in the country but in the world — here, in a two-story mansion of the XVIII–XIX centuries — exhibitions, conferences, literary meetings. The main attraction of the cultural center from the first days of its existence was a monument to the poets of the sixties: on the bookshelf are works by Voznesensky, Akhmadulina, Vysotsky, Rozhdestvensky, Yevtushenko, Okudzhava, Dementieva. The author of the monument — Zurab Tsereteli. The President of the Academy of ARTS gave it to Tver and his friend Andrew Dementieva, calling a symbol of creative thought .

The rostrum near the House of poetry filled already before the start of the festival, are preparing to leave drummers in blue suits. On the side of us the lady with the hat inspires someone: “Stop to offer me their verses, there are no other poets, but Dementieva”.

Poets actually had a lot. Especially the young ones. They are distinguished by a green cap. They are all participating in organized birthday Dementieva the first all-Russian meeting of young poets “Green leaf”, which brought together authors from more than 20 regions of the country. They not only presented their poetry, but also held master classes from such masters as Yuri Polyakov, Yury kublanovsky, literary critic Pavel Basinsky, poet, associate Professor of literary Institute named after A. M. Gorky Gennady Krasnikov.

Not only these, but other cultural workers were members of a large delegation, accompanied by which it arrived at the House of poetry Andrey Dementyev. The residents of Tver took advantage of this opportunity: beyond the traditional photo, I wanted to talk, and some gave their books.

We noticed that this gift on the path to Home poetry from one of the young poets of Tver and received the Governor Igor Rudenya. Opening the festival on stage, the head of the region noted:

The events in the Tver region show how literature is important in life. Here we see the young, budding poets. This means that culture evolves. We see the invaluable contribution made to this House of poetry, and the Andrew D., and his colleagues.

In gratitude Rudest awarded the Andrei Dementyev honorary Governor of the Tver region “For charity. Great Princess Anna Kashinskaya”.

The highest award of the region — the honorary sign “the Cross of St. Michael of Tver” — was awarded national artist of the USSR Zurab Tsereteli, the author of the concept of a poetry Park. Sunday the Park was filled with new art objects — certificates of the memory of the best poets of a bygone era.

Zurab Tsereteli came up with a new idea, was greeted with applause, — to create in the capital of the upper Volga region and even the alley of poetry.

— Well, I guess I’ll end my remarks, — joked the artist. I now anything else you want to give Tver.

The head of Tver Alexander Baskets in the welcome word was not kept from reciting the verses of Andrei Dementyev.

— What you have is an amazing city, officials from the stage read poems — said in his speech, a well-known public figure, poet and writer, friend of Andrei Dementyev Jahan Pollyeva.

With words of gratitude for the memory of his father appealed to teracom and the author of the monument to the son of Vladimir Vysotsky Nikita.

Birthday and the inspiration behind the poetic area in Tver Andrey Dementyev considers that these achievements are the merit of the Tver authorities, who he found understanding.

— Today we celebrate the fourth birthday of our House of poetry. Thank you, friends, for what you came, came from afar. For something like poetry and appreciate literary heritage, is thanked Andrey Dementyev.

And of course, the author could not leave a large army of viewers without their verses:

When I go to Tver,

Where so many have survived and lived,

It seems to me — I open the door

To be in the past.

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