A court in the Netherlands approved the seizure of journalist materials on MH17

The wreckage of the plane MH17

Fri, 13 Jan 2017


The investigative court of the Netherlands has approved the seizure of journalist materials from the scene of the MH17 disaster.

Law enforcement officers lawfully seized from the journalist Miquel Spencers items and photos and videos , which he brought to the Netherlands from the crash of Boeing MH17 that were seized last week at the airport “Schiphol”.

This decision was made by the investigating judge, said the public Prosecutor’s office on Friday evening.

“The investigative judge decided that despite the circumstances under which the journalist had not complied with prior arrangement, the police did the right thing, removing the items brought from the Ukraine, and the media, which contained, among other things, photos and videos. With regard to further study of the seized media, the reporter and his companion are invited voluntarily to indicate to the police what materials can be copied and what can not in connection with the protection of sources of information”, – stated in the message.

As noted in Prosecutor’s office, the case was submitted for consideration by the investigating judge in view of the fact that the journalist was a coercive measure at the same time recognizes that it needs to be ensured freedom of the press and protection of sources of information.

“The media has not been studied, and remained deferred until the decision of the investigative judge”, – reads the statement of the Prosecutor’s office.

The Prosecutor also noted that the analysis of the Netherlands forensic Institute showed that one of the items brought by the journalist was a human bone. A DNA test determined that it belonged to a passenger of the aircraft identified in 2014. The relatives of the deceased have been informed.

“Other items were examined, it was found that they are not related to a criminal investigation,” the statement reads.

The Prosecutor also told about the circumstances of the seizure of all items at Amsterdam airport Schiphol on Saturday evening. According to prosecutors, the journalist Michel Spencers first reported that will give items from the crash to the police, however, did not.

“Sputnik has registered a backpack Mr. Spencers with items from the Ukraine to his name and headed for the exit. The police stopped this man,” – said in a statement.

As noted in Prosecutor’s office, the journalist refused to voluntarily submit photos and videos from the crash site, which may be important to establish the exact location from which was taken the objects. After that, the police with the permission of the Prosecutor’s office seized items and materials.

“Contrary to the message in the Russian media, the reporter and his companion had not been arrested,” – reads the statement of the Prosecutor’s office.

As reported, the police of the Netherlands on Saturday January 7, seized a certain number of items related to MH17, potentially including human remains, freelance journalist Miquel of Spackers at the international airport “Schiphol”, which he brought from the crash site.

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