A fantastic woman who was a man, opened the Berlinale

18 February will be announced the winners of 67-th Berlin film festival. In the ranking of critics, which is published every day, a record number of points have gathered the most discussed picture of “the Fantastic woman”. Took it off a native of Argentina, Sebastian Lelio, who received a film education in Chile, which is now called the Chilean Director.

Frame from the movie “Return to Montauk”.

His heroine Marina is a transgender woman and singer, and played her transgender actress Daniela VEGA. Many wonder: would be interested in the film, it appear in place of the heroine an ordinary woman, not the one that until recently was male. Marina has a lover. He is 57 years old, he’s older than her twenty years. Suddenly he goes to another world, leaving Marina alone with many problems. Only now become aware that she is a transsexual. Even for the funeral will not be allowed the ex-wife of her boyfriend .

Four years ago, in the competition of the Berlinale was “Gloria” Sebastian Lelio, and then the Silver bear for best actress was awarded to Paulina Garcia, who played 58-year-old divorced woman who enjoys life, met at the dance with men. The audience was impressed with explicit scenes with the participation of older lovers. Now Lelio is compared with Almodovar, remembering “All about my mother” and “Talk to her”. Some of the scenes involving Daniela VEGA’s critics called a hypnotic. And someone, opposite, experiencing, as if the jury, headed by Paul Verhoven did not give the laurels of “the Fantastic woman”. However, witnesses said that during the show “Back-hope” Aki Kaurismaki — yet unmatched vertices Berlinale Verhoeven laughed so that the adjacent seats were shaking.

Competition “Vicious circle” Theresa Villaverde tells about the everyday life of a Portuguese family during the economic crisis. Depression and, consequently, conflicts and misunderstandings accompany the lives of the characters. While the wife works two jobs, a husband’s wandering around all day and night talking with a friend of her daughter-the schoolgirl, who also upset and tries to jump off the roof. In the film “Requiem for Mrs. Jane” Serbian film Director Boyana Vuletich, one of the co-producers of which became Alexander Rodnyansky (the picture involved in “Panorama”), the economic crisis has hit 50-year-old woman from despair and ready to kill herself.

77-year-old classic German Volker schlöndorff filmed “Return to Montauk” on the work of his friend the Swiss writer max Frisch in English with an international acting team. His hero — a famous writer is coming from Berlin to new York to present his book. There he meets the former beloved — a German woman and a successful lawyer, working in the US. Emotions so strong that secret from his wife, he embarks with his mistress on the island, in Mámdok where once was happy. The role of the writer played a 65-year-old Swedish actor, a favorite of Lars von Trier Stellan Skarsgard. His character is on the verge of a nervous breakdown and is ready to radically change the fate. The role of the beloved went to the star of German theatre and film, Nina Hoss (she works in the troupe of the Berlin Maxim Gorki theater). She recently participated in a bold photo shoot of famous French photographer Brigitte Lacombe, and a couple of dozen of the Berlin’s best actors. They all starred with half-naked torsos. Among them the star of the theatre schaubühne Lars Eidinger — now “favorite” of Russian activists who are against the movie “Matilda”, where he played Nicholas II.

The crisis and the hero of the German-Norwegian film “the shining night” by Thomas Arslan. It’s an emotional journey, an Austrian engineer living in Berlin, and his son in Norway where they go to the funeral of his father and grandfather. His father the main character not seen in five years, and it is difficult to explain to 14-year-old Luis, why it happened. And it is not clear how often they will meet, because they do not live as one family. The main role is played by the excellent Austrian actor Georg Friedrich, known for uncompromising works of Ulrich Seidl’s. The plot, though not original — we know the dozens of similar films, but the relationship of father and son, their estrangement and rapprochement played relentlessly and at the same time subtly and delicately.

Another painting “the balcony”, filmed in Norway OLE Balconcino, tells about a happy family where both parents and two small children. Ola took yourself, a loved one, and their loved ones. Anticipating the film, he talks about how he loves his balcony, which offers views of the historic part of Oslo, where you can observe people. And we do see the most ordinary balcony where the film sits at a computer, but quickly leaves the preferred area to take a walk in the yard with the kids, to do other things. The balcony issue is not worked out, as it could be. She just bait for the viewer. Meanwhile, the St. Petersburg Director Victor Kosakovsky consisted was the painting “Quiet!”, where it really for a long time watched from the window of his apartment at what is happening on the street where infinitely stack asphalt. Small patch under the window turned into a huge world. Picture Kosakovsky consisted traveled halfway around the world.

In “Panorama” participates Kyrgyz film “centaur” of Aktan Arym Kubat, where he played a major role — a former projectionist who is trying to give people light. The hero is torn between his wife and another woman is experiencing Platonic feelings, trying to know the religion of the whole world and the essence of the Kyrgyz worldview. His wife is deaf and only understands Russian language. Her character speaks exclusively in Russian. He is a Buddhist ritual and procession with the Orthodox icon. Not a film, but the temple of all religions and a kind of poem to the glory of Soviet cinema and its bright representative tolomush. In fact, the only religion that there is, is a movie. Previous film Kubat “the Light thief”, the hero is stealing electricity, to give light to men, took strange, and now he’s trying to take revenge and to remind you that Kyrgyzstan needs to pray to their gods and to not forget who he is on this earth.

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