A hacker hacked the server of the Democratic party, “defeated” the us intelligence report on cyber attacks

Hacker Guccifer 2.0, which has claimed responsibility for a cyber attack on the servers of the national Committee of the democratic party, commented on the intelligence report about the involvement of Russia.

according to “Russian conversation” hacker
said: “the Us intelligence
the Agency has published several
reports claiming that I have
ties with Russia. I want to clarify that
these accusations are groundless”. It
also drew attention to the fact that no
not affiliated with the Russian authorities, and
such actions pushed him personal
political beliefs.

The hacker criticized the technical
part of the report, which, according to him,
fully rigged. Guccifer 2.0
stressed that some of the information
were taken from the Network where it can be found
without any problems. It was inserted
in the report, to make it more
most likely .

earlier, representatives of the American
intelligence said that to hacker attacks
on the United States involving a senior Russian leadership.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has criticized the
the report, calling it false.

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