A quarter of US citizens believe the “imminent” threat from Russia: the survey showed a huge fear of Americans to other countries media

Most of the American population considers Russia and the leadership of the state as a direct threat to the security of the United States.

According to “Russian conversation” these results demonstrated the social survey conducted by news Agency Reuters, with the support of the international Institute of public opinion research Ipsos.

It is known that the survey was conducted during the period from 9 to 12 January. The Americans asked about the nomination in accordance with the five-point scale evaluation that will demonstrate the threat from other countries.

About 82% of U.S. citizens believe in the existence of a threat from Russia. About a year ago, in early spring of 2015, the survey results showed approximately 76% of Americans with a similar opinion.

It is worth noting that a quarter of the population of Russia dubbed as a “imminent threat” .

The following places according to the threat level in the United States took Iran, Syria, China, Saudi Arabia, Cuba, Yemen. The most serious threat Americans polivaut North Korea and its nuclear Arsenal.

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