A sensational experiment: Elysium Space plans to hold a funeral in Space

The company Elysium Space plans to implement a new project which will be used to conduct space funeral. The cost of shipping the dead to the orbit is 2.5 thousand dollars. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

Ashes will be launched into
earth orbit, where it will hover about the planet for 2 years. During this time, according to
experts, the ashes of the deceased will be able to go over all places of the Earth. After
the expiration of the urn with the ashes into the atmosphere, will burn like a small

As it became known, already
hundreds of visitors purchased bility space
the funeral.

Earlier it became known, the place destined for the inventor and the head of Space X Elon musk in the administration of the trump.

Western media have repeatedly noted a more than reserved attitude of Elon musk and Travis Kalanick to billionaire Republican.

The inventor called the last U.S . presidential election
not the finest moment of American democracy in General. He also expressed
sympathy economic and environmental policy, which the candidate
The democratic party, Hillary Clinton voiced during his

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