A unique natural phenomenon of “fire falls” in the national Park in California you can see the “lava flows”

In California’s Yosemite national Park recorded a unique natural phenomenon, which was called the “fire falls”: the sun’s rays that illuminate the falls, that it becomes similar to a lava flow.

According to “Russian conversation”, visitors to the national
can Park every year to watch it
a unique natural phenomenon during
the last two weeks of February. Notes
when the rays of the setting sun fall on
vodopad Horse Tail, located
in the rock El Capitan, the water becomes
bright orange, which develops
the impression that this is a lava flow.

It should also
note that this
the natural phenomenon depends on many
various factors, including
cloud cover and air temperature. In
therefore it is not always possible
to see this unique “fire falls”.

the moment, California is on
the brink of disaster, as at any
moment can break through the largest US
dam Oroville . In the case of a breakthrough under water can be several cities.
For security purposes from towns
points were evacuated about 200
of thousands of people. In connection with the critical
situation US President Donald
Trump has decided to introduce a state of emergency in the state.

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