After the death of Alexei Batalov Menchov remembered touching details of his shooting

In Moscow after a long illness died Alexei Batalov. The actor was 88 years old. June 19 to say goodbye to a favorite actor in the movie House come hundreds of people, and many consider him the star of the film “Moscow does not believe in tears”. Director Vladimir Menshov today in the conversation with us told how they prepared and filmed with Alexey Batalov.

Photo: still from the film “Moscow does not believe in tears”.

— Meeting with Batalov is among the happiest inspirations that come to the Director while working on the film. I had concerns about the role of a different kind, but when we already reached the limit and had no understanding of who will play that role (and shooting was to begin in two days!), at this time the TV was showing a picture of “my Dear man”. (“My dear man” — famous movie correspond to the real situation of the “thaw”. Alexei Batalov, who played there one of the main roles, was then 30 years – “MK”).

That was amazing! At this time, we talked, we discussed who we can try again for a response, and suddenly… Eye squinting at the TV and I remember we were both with the second Director frantically at each other looked: “And why not physically.” we said in one voice.

That was a happy moment for me, for the film “Moscow does not believe in tears”, for partners, and for the most Batalov as it turned out.

But when I came to my favorite patrons, famous writers Julia Dong and Valerie Frieda and told them Batalov want to take, they even somehow frowned: “come on, Volodya, this is the material used”. But we got over it.

“Yes, burn it with a blue flame, I will shoot you!”

– Batalov was only about 50 and he, indeed, is already out of the cage came out. I gave him a call. “Well, let’s send scenario” — quite indifferently he said. We sent. Then it stopped ringing, “you Know, the script is not bad, but I’m busy, ill…”, in General, a polite form of rejection. I, haywire, hung up, but realized that, maybe, gosh must be sought among generation Batalov. And we wish he was at least 10 years younger, this 40-year-old man, 35-year-old even.

Then I began to think about other candidates, but, oddly enough, virtually overnight, at 12 o’clock, the phone rang: “Hello, this Batalov. You know, I thought, Yes, they burn with a blue flame, all of these are my things, let me show you.” That was a fateful decision Batalova and fateful for the ring.

“There was absolutely no star”

– Then the shooting began, and each time the presence Batalov on the court raised the whole level of cinema. Is Batalov came Batalov, started playing Batalov — everything froze. More than he to have authority on the site was not, nor Muraviev, no Alentova or patulin was not a star at this level. And he was a star high-flying, so to speak. But I was faced with the fact that Alexey Vladimirovich strongly no stardom was not.

Remember one of the first days of shooting. We were filming something on location in Moscow. He drove his “Volga”. I got into his car and we started talking. Not about movies, not about the gosh — on the Mat. He’s machovec as I do, but not simple, and sprouted roots in this great theater. Graduated from the school-Studio of MKHAT. His father Vladimir Batalov also worked in the Moscow art Theater, was a close assistant of Stanislavsky.

His uncle, Nikolai Batalov, a wonderful actor, who in “the road to life” was playing. Nikolai Batalov was married to the great Androvskaya, Alexey Vladimirovich called her his aunt. And even his close relatives had Victor ya stanitsyn, one of the main actors of the Moscow art Theater of the second generation.

All these people who were for us the legend has proved to be Batalov either relatives or people who patted his hair, stroking, and said, “How you doing, Alex?” He grew up in the courtyard of the Moscow Art theatre, spent his childhood, until I moved with my mother to the Ordynka. In General, we have something to talk about.

“Natasha Vavilova starred at me just because Batalov”

– So, the next time we sat in his car and told him I complained: “I’m in trouble, the girl-the actress who should play Alexander (and this is Natasha Vavilov, who had already starred in “the Drawing”) refuses. Rather, her parents banned”. Yes, they wanted Natasha became a diplomat, not an actress.

Suddenly Batalov suddenly, with boyish enthusiasm says, “come on, you have an address?” We went to his “Volga” in between filming, the doorbell rang. Open mom. She immediately stunned: he Batalov came to it! Is in suit, jacket, cap, like in the movie: “Hello, my name is Alexey, can you pass?” — “Please”. — “You have a daughter, we want to play, and she…”.

And Natasha Vavilov was in the next room like a frightened mouse. Left dad, we all talked together… Well, how could they deny himself Batalov? And Natasha began to appear.

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