After the Liverpool – Plymouth: the city heard the scary sounds, which take the message of aliens

In the English town of Plymouth resident videotaped strange sounds coming from the office of heaven. An ominous sound similar to both a low whistle and an electric roar, heard that night and other citizens, many of whom he even stopped to sleep. They called it primorskem Bermatingen. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

Sealed case became
unprecedented because of the high volume and the availability of a large number of witnesses
incident. Earlier in this area this mumbling was something like a local

Some residents of the city
I believe that all the fault of the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations, others
believe that what happened is a rational explanation.

Earlier Liverpool were heard the ominous sound which can vibrate the house .

Other citizens living
in this district also felt the vibration and heard the noise, but came up with different
answers how it originated, where it goes and what is.

One of the witnesses said
heard a similar noise for about 20 seconds even in daylight. Similar sounds
vibrate the house, and sounded like the horn on the ship.

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