Airbus is trying to find new buyers of the A380, promising additional fuel savings

SE Airbus expects to attract new customers for the A380 – the largest passenger liner in the world, promising to finalize the airplane from the point of view of fuel consumption.

In preparation for the opening of the aviation and space salon ParisAirShow-2017, the company announced that it would study the possibility of enhancing the technical capacity of the A380 to reduce fuel consumption by about 4%. Including discussing the increase in aerodynamics due to small changes in the parameters of the wing.

The company claims that the changes will not increase the takeoff weight of the aircraft.

Earlier this year Airbus announced the A380 cabin reconfiguration, aimed at increasing the number of passenger seats, but the decision is not spurred demand for giant ships.

In the embodiment, is equipped for economy class, the A380 can accommodate up to 853 people . Its list price (airlines typically negotiate additional discounts when purchasing) – more than $430 million

While Airbus sold only 317 of these ships. In early June, a company spokesman said that Airbus may reduce production of the A380 aircraft until at least 12 units per year in the absence of new orders.

Shares of Airbus rose 1.8% in trading in Paris on Monday.

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