Al Arabiya: Kurdish revealed some unexpected plans of Russian troops in Syria

As reported on Monday the representative of the Syrian Kurds, the Russian military will train Kurdish forces in Syria.

Such a move by Russia,
a longtime ally of the regime of President Bashar al-Assad is likely to cause anger
Turkey, which believes that the YPG Kurds are “terrorists”.

“Between the two units
Russian forces operating in Syria, an agreement was signed, they will
to teach us modern military tactics, – said the representative of the YPG Redur Khelil.
– This is the first agreement of this kind, although we have previously collaborated (with Russian)
the city of Aleppo”.

According to him, the Russian
troops are already present in the training camp in the region of Afrin, one of the
the three Autonomous cantons in Northern Syria, which is controlled by the Kurdish authorities.

The agreement, which said
Halil was signed on Sunday “in the fight against terrorism .”

YPG is the main part
Syrian democratic forces (SDF). It is supported
USA Alliance of the Kurdish and Arab militants, who have conquered swathes of territory
LIH (banned in Russia – ed) in Northern Syria.

SDF receives the equipment
weapons and air support from the US-led coalition. It also supports
a few hundred soldiers from the special forces.

Earlier, Assad urged Russia to make Israel not let its missiles on Syria. And the head of the Russian defense Ministry Sergei Shoigu has shared his hopes for future relations between Syria and Japan.

According to Al Arabiya – translation version
“Russian Conversation”

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