Alexander Gagarin: “Samsara” – a personal story”

The current thirty remember this team still has a hit, “Coal”, which was featured on the radio in their youth. Between him and the current “Samsara”, which, though continuing to rotate the wheel, has long gone beyond the rock, the abyss. Who would have thought that the team from Ekaterinburg, producer of her first full album in 2001-the m became the head of “Chaif” Vladimir Shahrin, then go to bright and not like anything musical journey, full of change and experimentation. Them leader Alexander Gagarin was ready, it seems, always. What is the presentation of the plate “69” in the tram and many other stories, of which today it is possible to lay down a novel. On the eve of the 20th anniversary of “Samsara”, “MK” met with Sasha to find out why he never became a “mentor” a young group, as the name affected the fate of the team and is there a future for the independent scene in Russia .

Photo: Anna Litvinenko

– Sasha, despite all the changes and upheavals that took place with “Samsara”, the band has lived up to the major anniversary – this year it celebrates its 20th anniversary. What thoughts are you having about this?

– This is a very approximate date, because the current team only three years, but really – I took up the guitar 20 years ago, he began to study music, has assembled a team and immediately got a title that still exists today. To be honest, I never think about any deadlines, milestones, anniversaries. In this sense, for me, everything develops logically and organically, but these holidays are always popular with people around the fans, so why not come up with something interesting. For example, I’d love to arranged a concert, which would one of those guys with whom we started a very long time and came out together on stage.

– At different times, your staff called not just a group but a movement, a community. Which definition do you prefer?

– Given the band name, I perceive it as something personal – history personal development journey. Give her the name “Samsara”. knowing the meaning of the word, was quite a bold decision. At the moment when it all began, we certainly didn’t think that all of this happens. Now, left alone in the first part, I understand that, first of all, this is my own deep inner story. But parallel to this musical group, and of course community – the project involved many people, and not only those who were on the stage, but also those who surrounded me, and continue to be there until now. If they do not, apparently, I wouldn’t be doing music. “Samsara” certainly exists as a product of show business. You can talk about it from different points of view, and it will be four different interviews.

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– What are you guided by when creating each regular work, when you change something musically? Why do you need it?

– You know, as a rule, everything happens unconsciously, but with a desire to discover something new. As children have curiosity and keen interest: I would like to know what is in one “room”, in the other, what is this new “toy”… And so on. But, hand on heart, the last two or three years we are very clear we ourselves coordinate system. Not that we already knew everything, just we are comfortable to move in a certain direction, and we continues to do so. Around us, on the contrary all in the world becomes very unstable, and we were able to regroup. While we swayed from side to side.

– At what point to you was most dramatic turning point in the history of the band?

In 2010, when I stopped to speak with the musicians with whom he played for 12 years. We were one family, and the cause of the collapse was, as is often the case, personal household history. It was hard, but I decided not to cancel concerts and he called the team members “Mars needs lovers” (then it was called in English-“Mars needs lovers”). For two years they became the group “Samsara”, has added a lot to the sound, and she turned at that time in e-team. I just didn’t want to stop.

– You started to make music in a different era: where it is more comfortable – past or present?

– Of course, in the present. I really like what is happening now is more freedom, I have more ideas. We invent a lot of new. It is clear that this is something to remember. And you can celebrate any breakthroughs that occurred in history. Album “all Kinds” of 2001 was the more youthful breakthrough, “Fires” 2008 is a very strange album and very accurate reflection of the view from inside, “Needle” 2012 – a new group that young people know today. Many of them are not even aware of what was happening before.

– And then what would happen? I think “Needle” and “Swallow”, released four years later – a completely different work. Even musically, if the first seems more experimental, the second a return to the rock tradition and its reinterpretation. How do you perceive them?

– Both albums we did with Felix Bondarev. And for me “Swallow” – just the logical continuation of the “Needle”, only softer. I usually it refers to their relationship: “the Needle” – the beginning of love, an emotional lift, due to the fact that you have gained a new sense, and “Swallow” is more of a story that some emotions have come to an end. Yes, it’s different, but two parts of one whole.

Photo courtesy of the press service

– When “Samsara” was released the first album, it was produced by the leader of the group “Chaif” Vladimir Shahrin. How is important today for the young beginner group, in your opinion, to have an older ally, “steam”, which will be for some time to lead her along?

– I can say that in the beginning Vladimir was a big help. I am very grateful to him for that, it was fine, but if I were today asked to be someone else such a person, I would have refused. The last thing I want someone to counsel. As much as I want sometimes to do it, I try to refrain from comments.

– Tell me about your concert performance of “pioneer” that you put in Ekaterinburg and in Moscow now?

Is the story about the feelings and emotions of the modern man, sometimes interactive, when the action involves the viewer. The point is that each of us is a pioneer of his own life. We’re pioneers ourselves in different situations. On external call to “be ready!” we often remains nothing how to answer, sometimes even tricking themselves — “always ready!”. This, in particular, and history. It involves the musicians, the leader of Georgian group Mgzavrebi Gigi, Dedalamazishvili and the main “mummies the Troll” Ilya Lagutenko.

– By the way, what experience gave you the participation in the project of Ilya “the Weasel” a few years ago when the joint experiments were collected by a collaboration of musicians from different geographical locations?

It was a pretty short story that ended quickly. A lot more experience and experiences I obtained while working as the art Director of the club, where for some time held various concerts, going interesting people. But two of these stories, of course, interrelated.

– Still in popular music circles, the term “indie music”, but since its inception it is very heavily mutated, changed. What does it mean for you this definition?

– On the basis of its origin (“indie” is the “independent”), it’s the music of various genres, be it pop or rock, but made by some other laws than before. This is the only thing in common. The term more has no specific characteristics, so I think, despite the frequency of use, objectively, it has nothing to do with music. For example, “Chaif” – also an independent group, but it cannot be compared with the same “Samsara”. If you talk about what the independent scene in Russia as a whole, it is those artists whose songs will never appeal to taxi drivers, but they still continue their writing. Maybe someday it will become so successful that you won’t worry how to feed his family, while continuing to do what he likes.

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