Alexander Kushnir: “the Way Kormiltsev – minefield”

Neither the famous song “I wanna be with you”, no “Walks on water” group Nautilus Pompilius would not be without the personality of Ilya Kormiltsev. She, however, went far beyond rock-poetry and other worlds — philosophy, chemistry, and numerous foreign languages, new technologies, publishing activities, directly associated with the policy. The book of journalist and writer Alexander Kushnir “Breadwinners. Space as memory” — the designer of thousands of items to collect that it was difficult, how tricky the puzzle, the story about what you did not know about the hero and what others were afraid to talk about it. The author wrote, who actually had the greatest influence on Ilya as a boy, why he didn’t like to remember it that sank the ship “Nautilus” and how was its leader Vyacheslav Butusov with the Creator of almost all of their hits . A “Megabit” talked to Alexander about the terrible facts of the biography of the poet that many, waving, called tales, destiny, ahead of time, and what pitfalls arise in the process.

photo: Oleg Rakovich

— Sasha, the name of the book was given the title of the poem Vsevolod Emelina “Space memory”. This idea came from?

— No, the original version sounded like “Ilya Kormiltsev. Forgotten during life.” Under such a provocative label passed my first lecture about it. This caused a furious resentment among the aesthetes. All of his friends, beat his chest, said I was a cynical PR and tell people scary stories. That no Caregivers are not forgotten, either in life or after. “Well, I thought, maybe, you are sincerely mistaken and do not know much. Then read the facts in the book.” Moreover, the Chapter on how Ilya was all forgotten, not the most tragic. Worst — final, which specifically describes his illness, three London hospitals and death. At the end of September 2006, he left for England, clearly aware that he would not return to Russia, and in the last few months have been absolutely abandoned by the man were lying on his couch, when the wife was at school, daughter at school…

He died at the hands of Sasha Gunina. This is a very special person, strange, unsociable. To London he lived in Wales, where he studied history of religions, drugs, and also the connection of the rhythms and the pace with fears in experimental music. His electronic Studio project “Theory of resistance” — not for the faint of heart. He remembered riding in the car, turning my music on high volume and after some time it crashed into another car, in which sat a shocked brown guys. They asked me to disable “it is”, because, involuntarily listening to such sounds for a few minutes, I felt inexplicable fear and was about to rush to the nearest Church. Then Gunin thought it was time to finish this story, but Kormiltseva the project is extremely pleased. He then read under these songs their poems. Sasha and held in Moscow presentation of the book stood out among the virtuous, good-natured friends of Elijah, over which, it seemed, here-here will appear a halo. He flew in from England for the presentation, “Space memory” and was similar to the real Che Guevara has the crazy eyes when I started to share memories. I felt like the waves were going across the hall.

— What are your impressions from communication with other characters? Want more psychological details…

— Just about human psychology in the process, I learned a lot, not always pleasant. I took to books more than a hundred interviews. Half of the musicians. Most of them are extremely negative attitude to the publishing of Elijah, when he is seriously interested in politics and engaged in “Ultra.Culture” as a really revolutionary activity. There came out some awesome and rare books that are not released to anyone else — and out of fear, and limited thinking, but artists do not appreciate. Now living in Bulgaria Dima umetsky, the ideologist of the “Golden composition” of the Nautilus, even told me, they say, “when I saw the name of one of them — “Blowjob”, it did not even open it, and put it on the shelf where it is still gathering dust”. There was surprising unanimity and amazing stupidity, or rather foolish jealousy, some rock-n-roll sectarianism from the series: “What is it?! We’re pinching the strings, drink together, and he breaks out of our herd. Come back!” Extremely negative attitude to the book showed Vyacheslav Butusov. And he gave me an interview for her, even two, but both through intermediaries. In General his reaction to me is understandable. It has a nightmarish history of the collapse of the Nautilus in 1997, and the history of non-payment Kormiltseva deductions copyright, with the band in support of “Nashi” on Seliger… Butusov himself “finished” the epilogue to all this, when his recent concert in honor of the 35th anniversary of the team just an hour before the show the book was banned to sell. The result is some dark Ages, it’s good that the circulation is then burned. But it could probably…

— What, in your opinion, has formed the identity kormil’tsev?

— I think that in its basis there were at least four whales. This is, first, his grandfather Victor with his huge home library. On the one hand, it turns out, unknowingly helped her grandson to blow up the school, teaching him to make all sorts of bombs, on the other — a child was allowed to read Shakespeare and translate it from English into Russian, and then Vice versa. Second company of his school and College friends, fans, with whom he spent day and night, in the third — party Ural his fellow superstars Olympiad in chemistry, which already in the tenth grade, seriously discussed, and not whether they start manufacturing LSD… Those of school friends, with whom I was able to talk, told me that from the age of 12 was a walking encyclopedia with a powerful “server” embedded inside. Also in his life played an active role mom Svetlana Zvorsky. It is hereditary geologist, and Caregivers with youth constantly dangled her in the summer a geological expedition.

All of these four whales were linked giant appetite of the poet to educate themselves. His friends told me that when he went in the expedition, then pulled on a bags with samples of rocks and in the pockets of the pants he had pervoistoki with English and French words, translated into Russian. In his company was not only mad experimenters, but people who have tried, for example, to write poetry in two languages. Some of them recalled how at age 13 practiced in the construction of certain rhymes, or, on the contrary, the construction of the white verse. These characters, thank God, was zapelengovali me and greatly helped in the writing of books and all sorts of searches.

— What was the most difficult riddles to unravel?

— What has been associated with childhood. Around Elijah in Sverdlovsk formed a “mighty handful”, which was very prominent. Kormil’tsev debut as a poet can be considered the first album of the band “Urfin jus” “the Journey”. It is 1981. The person at the time was 22, and I for the first time in my writing are faced with the fact that no one could answer the most trivial questions about it. What you read in the book, the first time was read by many friends who knew him for 20 or 30 years. They had no idea what had happened to 20, the period when people are actively being formed. I, as a journalist and researcher, it was very interesting to get to origins — where did these kordalewski DNA. And it was very difficult. I was reminded of Vladimir Ivanovich dal, which, at your dictionary, sought out in the boonies surviving ancient grandmothers — carriers of authentic folklore.

Oleg Sakmarov and Alexander Kushnir. Photo: from the personal archives of Oleg Sakmarov.

Otherwise, I was once again convinced that the philosophical law of transition of quantity into quality work. Every month people were more, respectively — the stories, events. The puzzle was formed. The only thing I have not seen, is the most famous grandfather’s library, but it managed to find a way to feel her spirit. I was told that there were a lot of books the cult of the St. Petersburg publishing house “Academia”, and a folio edition of 1932, Veresaev about Pushkin, I bought at a used bookstore on Arbat. These things are very atmospheric, they help to touch the energy, to feel her…

— Electronic project kormil’tsev and Oleg Sakmarov “Foreign” ahead of its time, like much that was done by Ilya Valeryevich. But what was the meaning of such advance, if at that time nobody could estimate, and only 20 years later the people gave a startled shrug?

— Many in one voice, after reading the book, began to speak to me about what thoughts and actions kormil’tsev seem very relevant now, in 2018. as for the past 12 years of solid partnership with him, I realized he never thought about, you know someone what it does, and how it is integrated into reality. He had such a position: if humanity somewhere to thought of something, it is necessary to try to use. It concerned all, and music, and technology, and book development. On reflection, whether assessed his experiences, Ilya just didn’t have time, but it is in principle not interested.

— He deeply and enthusiastically immersed in any field of activity, which began to do. What do they lead in his research?

— It is impossible to answer this question. In his life there were five conscious decisions, which he tried to predetermine the course of events. The first being the move to Peter, when he chose the University of Leningrad Sverdlovsk. The story ended quickly because the climate of St. Petersburg proved disastrous for him. The second is the move to Moscow in the 1990s, when in Sverdlovsk, shot in the streets and it was clear that to live in this place anymore. The third was the decision to pull all money to buy equipment for the project “Strangers”. Fourth is the creation of “Ultra.Culture.” This story started out as a game, but then, as I have already said, turned into politics, became a revolutionary. And fifth — emigration to London. At kormil’tsev had the illusion that you can somehow save the publisher, and, as Lenin led the revolution from abroad, in the same way Elijah tried to save their offspring, while in England. In all other respects he was moving forward empirically, and intuitively, putting an eternal experiments on himself and others, from the series — “get into a fight, and then we’ll see.” He did not build any of the algorithms, and strategic plans for the future. In General, it was such a crooked a hybrid of mindfulness and spontaneity.

— Still, whether in his person some sort of defining force that determines the quality?

— You can not call a painter to paint one color, there were so many. He always had a great thirst for new information and self-improvement. But this, again, only one of the facets of the personality, and in some moments one or the other is manifested to a greater extent. His life was similar to a minefield, where the scheme of mining is constantly changing, and the role of the Kormiltsev, too. Sometimes he was a miner, and sometimes a sapper. On the one hand, the scientific approach to everything, with the unbridled urge to experiment, some children’s curiosity to all that was involved.

— A rhetorical question. Do you think it was predetermined by its ending? Why he had so many plans for the future, didn’t want to be treated?

— You yourself answered this question. He really didn’t want to be treated, and it was due to the huge number of plans and ideas. Cancer of the spine was to progress as times during the heyday of the publishing house. Ilya had so many things that are “little things” like health, did not interest him, he had no time to escape. He knew what he couldn’t do in the “Ultra.Culture” will not do, no one. And the story is confirmed. He wanted to catch as much as possible.

— Last year, rock band released a tribute to the poems Kormiltsev found Alesya Mankovskaya. Did you managed to unlock the potential of these texts?

— In this respect I am very loyal, democratic, and believe that any action related to the increasing cultural interest in the figure of Elijah, useful and necessary. I know that when songs on his poems began to sound on the radio when he was posthumously awarded the “Legend” on the “Chart dozen”, many people have went online to find out who this, as crazy as it sounds. It all started with my innocent lectures somewhere in Divnogorie, Voronezh region, when the people then wept on my shoulder. When it was over such displays of emotion, I once again was convinced that a poet in Russia is more than a poet. At first I could not understand why even lectures on Kuryokhin do not cause such resonance, but then I realized that after all the Kuryokhin was an avant-gardist, has created an elitist art for a prepared audience and Caregivers available for ordinary people, who associate his name with the songs “I wanna be with you”, “Walk on water”, “Chained”. Of course, it’s an uphill battle Russian avant-garde and the Russian rock-poetry… the Turning point was a lecture about Kormiltseva at the Jewish Museum and tolerance centre, which I have read with the temperature under 40. There was a record audience in attendance. It was expected already for applications, so I couldn’t cancel the event. Then came the final realization that the book needs to be born, what people need and interested. Of course, you can argue that the man died eleven years ago, and the musicians woke up only recently, starting to sing songs on his poems, they say, where they were before. But when is not important, important fact, what is now the Breadwinners in the trend. I find it very gratifying.

— What do you think, what would he do in our time, if he were alive?

— Knowing it can be intuitively assumed that would produce the most radical books that were banned by definition, and if it had to do with music would be the author of radical texts. All the time go on the edge. Of course, no rally is not complete without his participation, but for a short period of time, he could lead the procession of two mutually exclusive demonstrations, because there were periods when he quickly and sincerely changed his views on the opposite. As an example, in the last years of his life, when, quite unexpectedly, turned to politics.

— Did you have any doubts in the process about accents and how the idea relates to the end results?

— There are indie musicians, and I’m probably an indie author. I haven’t seen concrete result initially, I did not give the text of the certification, therefore there is no alternative vision of the work. How do you feel, as it turns out. Speaking about accents, about the content, it was surprising that for 20 years, knowing the truth, no one dared to publicly talk about how to actually split up Nautilus Pompilius, what happened to the group, with Butusov, between him and Elijah… Perhaps people were afraid of something — and they had reasons to remain silent. It was necessary to have a certain resolve, to write about it. In addition, there were many sticky moments. Life kormil’tsev, especially the last period, acquired such gossip and speculation (about accepting Islam, for example) that, in talking about it, you’re always teetering on the brink. I will not be shy, this is a brave book, and I had no idea that I would put on the brakes, though, because Ilya was so — with no brakes.

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