Alexander Panayotov again spoke of singing career Buzova: “Too many random people on stage”

The star of the show “the Voice” explained that meant criticizing the vocals of Olga Buzova, which recently began to build a singing career.

Recently Alexander Panayotov criticized attempts Olga Buzova become a singer. The artist watching the Grammys, was disappointed how the Russian Arctic and Western musical worlds. And among the problems of the Russian platform is that trying to sing everything, according to “Russian conversation”.

Panayotov’s words resonated in the Network. The day after the publication of Alexander at the request of journalists explained that meant. Panayotov said that the aim of its publication was not to offend Buzova, and to draw the attention of followers on a global problem.

“It’s not even leading. It’s such a collective image of what is happening. A lot of random people on stage”, – said the singer . He is sure that everyone daljeg to do what he is capable of, so don’t everyone try to conquer the stage.

He also stressed that this person is his position and that he did not apply for the role of the judge in this matter.

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