Alexander Zakharov: “Father I call in the theater – mark A.”

She’s just a student! Not just because the leading actress of “Lenkom”, smart, wonderful… Just to have a date — a good date, frankly. But is it always Alexander Zakharov received their “five”? And what is to be a daughter of the chief Director? This Director! Well, about politics, where the same without this. All of these questions Alexander us now and will respond. On the day of their anniversary.

photo: Alexander Sternin

“Hallelujah for the health of Nicholas Karachentsov”

— You consider yourself to be the prima of your theater?

— In any case! Because our main actress — Inna Churikova, and mark A. says about it: “This is our Golden Queen”. We have many good Actresses and prima… Probably on the one hand, that’s fine, on the other — there’s something operatic. You know, actor — paint of the Director, and to survive the replacement of any actor, even a very great, perhaps. A theater Director builds to date .

That is, in your opinion, “Lenkom” is mark Zaharov and others. Zakharov — demiurge, which sculpts you want? And you are all ready to follow him with your eyes closed?

— Yes, but there are exceptions. With the departure of Alexander Abdulov left performances of “Crying of the executioner”, “the Barbarian and heretic”. With the great Evgeny Pavlovich Leonov left “Memorial prayer”, and no one could play instead. There was an attempt at Armen Borisovich Dzhigarkhanyan, but it did not happen. That is a very great contribution to spiritual, emotional, physical, — which gave E. p. the role… It really is not enough. There is such a great actor, like actor Leonid Bronevoi. It Muller from “Seventeen moments” — the textbook of actor’s skill… It attracts, it is very interesting to watch. And, of course, Inna Churikova, is unique, irreplaceable actress, in my opinion. The way she played “til”, “Seagull” or in the play “the Wise man”… I think it’s brilliant work.

Mark A. raised several generations of actors, and when there was no Oleg Yankovsky, Abdulov did not, such a disaster happened to Karachentsovu — it was a terrible blow to the theater… Such a loss! But Zakharov never rests on one person. Yes, these actors are essential, but the theater is alive.

Really, it takes a great artist — and with it goes the performance. Nikolay Karachentsov, thank God, alive, but in “Juno” and “Avos” can’t play. Instead, there are other… That is “Juno” could not close under any circumstances?

— I think this show needs to live there for several generations play. What is Dmitri Pevtsov introduced there, not afraid, it is a glory, his honor and glory. You know, when going to such a company: one of the best, great poets Voznesensky, stunning Rybnikov, great dancer, wonderful choreographer Vasiliev, Oleg aaronovitch sheyntsis… and the head — mark A….

Finish had a few, and Nikolai Petrovich was one, Yes. At some point he was offered a second part, because age was already difficult to play, but he categorically said no. They started the debate with mark Anatolyevich, disagreements, but Zakharov did agree: “Yes, if you have the power to play”.

— “Juno” and “Avos” — mark “Lenkom”.

— Yes, one. It is a Russian rock-Opera is not a musical, not an imitation. This Russian work is a very today. And when they sing “Hallelujah” is sung in the health of Nikolai Petrovich Karachentsov. In his address, so his life became at least a little easier.

photo: Sergei Ivanov
“For me the most dear person is my father.”

“Father without me now just makes plays”

— Perhaps you have a difficult character. Well, that is simple to be interesting?

— No, I think I simple.

But what you can afford in the theater and not allow?

I can’t afford to be late for rehearsal. If anything I have it not, mark A. said: “Go to the puppet theater.”

— “You”?..

— “You”. And I call it in the theater, “mark A.”. No, I try myself not to let anything extra. I am the daughter, and I can’t.

— Daughter of Mark Zakharov and actress — of course, this is a great happiness. But maybe there is other face, the reverse side of the coin, about which we can only guess?

— My parents gave birth to me, gave me looks, then the profession. Then once that’s happened that I became an actress Zakharova, and I am interested in working with him. I think that I, of course, jealous, because I play in all his performances. Not the last extreme. He is without me now just does not, perhaps, trying paternal time “feeding” my profession. I’m happy because I consider him a great Director. It is very extended life Tatyana Ivanovna pelttser, which has moved from Satire. I don’t think it would play such roles and as many as here. Played it for a long time, and when I wasn’t feeling well, “Memorial prayer” Alexander Gavrilovich Abdulov went with her. He spoke at first of her text, she repeated…

— Yes, “Mama, gather!”, remember.

— Gorin was: “I was on the train to shake”. And she was at the scene said: “I was in the zone so shakes”. It was a delight to the artists, but also with the audience. Then she had such a disclaimer… wonderful Grigoriy Izrailevich was invented in “Memorial prayer”: “who is This? It’s Stepan.” “Rare name”. And she suddenly said, “Rare surname”. Gorin then was so happy — it’s purpose you can imagine. As for her acting in “Three girls in blue”!

I think extended life actor Leonid Sergeevich Armor. What is he, like firs in “the Cherry orchard”!..

photo: Alexander Sternin
Scene from the performance “the Grasshopper”.

Yeah, actor’s life, and therefore human.

— When Leonid fell seriously ill, he had a heart attack, he fell ill. It was in Kiev. There is a very good medicine, a little bit of his heal, he came to Moscow, and here his condition deteriorated. Was such a danger that he will not be on stage. It came to mark A. and said, “why don’t you come to the play “the Cherry orchard”, we’ll just sit backstage and talk. Want to play — will not want — will”. He himself almost physically dragged to the theater, they sat a long time talking. And then, 15 minutes before the start of the performance, Zakharov said: “all the makeup and on the scene.” I remember the speed with which I attach the hairpiece to the head, and Armor played. It is a great happiness, he is more than actor. He does not imitate anyone, he was the only one in the world.

“I hope envy me”

— You’re talking about your partners and partners — just to hear them, but I’m coming back to you. You said that you envy. You know it for sure?

— I hope. If you are jealous — then everything is fine. Actually, when I came to the theater, I was very well received, good-naturedly. It was the 83rd year. Long, painfully typed in “Juno” and “Avos”, then went to France — I didn’t get. But I guess it was right. Was the actress who played, danced… I’m very proud that I don’t put anyone’s role, I can no pushed. But I’m the daughter is given, and, of course, mark A. tries, to I played.

— There is no contradiction between the Director’s and Zakharov’s father? You don’t care what about it will tell?

— No, it just happened. When I came to the theater, my godfather, Gleb Anatolyevich Panfilov, took me to the play “hamlet”, Polonius was rehearsing Mikhail Kozakov. I have had some experiences because of this that the Cossacks said to me, “Sanka, and all my life to pull live.” His dad is a writer. And then, I mean, I think the name of Mark Anatolevicha, but I was his daughter and proud of it. I even think that the most important thing in my life that I am the daughter of their parents.

We are all children of their parents, but not all children of Mark Zakharov.

— Well, I am the daughter of Mark Zakharov think that I was lucky. After all, every actress dream is to get to the Director, and I was born in Director. And was probably still capable of a good actress as a result. He raised me.

— What do you think, for example, Tatyana Dogileva, who claims she was forced to leave the theatre for you?

— Armen Borisovich Dzhigarkhanyan left the theater, went Proskurin, Alferov went — let’s all hang on me!.. Actually Dogileva played superbly in the play “Cruel games”, amazing! When Dogileva was gone, I only played in the crowd. She played great from Fokina, but I think it is not so, as Mark Anatolevicha. In vain did she go? Well, Yes, in vain. The more different we are, we can’t play some role with her. We age different, and apparently do not like.

photo: Alexander Sternin

— And remember, this was still Amaliya Mordvinova? Left, too.

— She played in “the Royal games”, then left, directed — “Theatrical business Goldansky”. They say, generally somewhere living abroad, she has many children… Now we have spent a great young actress. Here sat the mark A. in this office, she said, “please don’t go…” you Know, come in different stripes. I came to the theater for a long time not played, in the best case — in the crowd. But I starred in films: “Criminal talent”, “Formula of love”, “Taken,” “Kill the dragon”, etc. Then in the movie, some went to the strip when I was in demand. But in the theater — it so happened — had begun to play some minimal, tiny role. There are strip in life, different… Tatyana Ivanovna pelttser generally expelled as incompetent. It’s amazing!

— You have now, what band?

— I have a good band.

But the white stripe always ends. And now you are all well, mark Zakharov to help you. That is, just let it go?

— Remember how Baron Munchausen just said: “Let things be”. God knows what will happen next. Once I said I was from the theater will have to leave. The armor on me was very angry: “This is wrong, don’t say that.” I love this theater-these walls — “Lenk”, which was built mark A., walls, saturated with actors who worked here, but I don’t know what’s gonna happen to me…

“If I’d lived in the five story building, I’d go mad.”

— Zakharov staged “Day of the Oprichnik” Sorokina, where you play. This is a political thing. But you walk out of the theatre into the street, in life. You guys that don’t like what your political leanings, I’m sorry? Or the theater is your life, and all that in addition, you have so not interested?

I go see everything that’s going on, but even the most beautiful, clever words spoken by the Actresses first of all, I have been yearning, here’s the reason I didn’t really want to hear it. The actors have their own space, their place. We have a very topical theatre. I say from the stage sometimes very angry lyrics, very. Take a Venechkom Erofeeva, when he writes that we’re going to train, only this train goes in the opposite direction. When we arrived Sorokin on the show, he said that Komaga, the henchmen can’t humanize, but the theater should be empathy, in the theater you need someone to pity, at least this child, who has yet to live. But Chekhov’s view — as it sounds! Even now, with these houses… We play “the Cherry orchard” about a house that collapses, and Russian only our theatre can build the scenery and at the end of her break. Chekhov knew what house. When you come on tour in a hotel for 2-3 days, then, when I leave the room, you take this longing, because there remains a part of you… Yes, these renovations are all so confusing. If I lived in the five story building, I would have gone mad now.

photo: Alexander Sternin
A scene from the play “peer Gynt”.

— The rally did not go on this occasion?

— If I wanted to build a political career, I would have behaved differently. But I’m an actress. You know, if you don’t heart aches for what is happening, you are not interesting. As Papanov, the last war, said about Mironov: “For that he can survive a shower? Because of the overdone cake?..” As it turned out, no, Mironov was easy only in appearance.

— Yes, I must say thanks to Sergei Sobyanin that he modernized Chekhov due to its renovation. But you call people in the theater, and the time is now, simplified. Not all will understand the depth of what you play.

— Here I ask: can the theater to turn, to fix something in this life? Yes, I believe, can. Gradually. Remember how I came to prosowski play “Brother Alyosha” — and couldn’t leave, crying. Man is born, and when he is young, he thinks he can do everything. And then he Matures and realizes that he will never fly to the moon, don’t jump three meters… But when you come to the theater and watching good, talented play, you begin to hope that something can change, as in Vodolazkin’s novel “the Aviator.”

— A movie? You don’t call the movie. It does not change? Maybe because you are stamped with: “zakharovskaya actress”?

— Yes, the movie I stopped loving. But I was offered to star in the film, where the 100 series… It’s a horror, a nightmare — every day of the series. When is the theater play? But I play best theatre best Director!

— You have theatre friends, girlfriends?

No, not just colleagues…

Because jealous? Or you have a very high approach to friendship? I have one friend — mother-in-law.

— I am very grateful to those people that go on stage. I’m totally not objective, because everyone we work with, really love, to someone I admire, someone I respect. I’m absolutely in love with Dima Pevtsov and Viktor Rakov. I admire Zbrueva, when you play with him, “VA-Bank” or “Marriage”, but it’s still not a friendship.

When the father came to the theater, he can’t hurt anyone else, not fired. But the father had a close friendship here, no one was, and it somehow moved me, because we are relatives. It was an attempt to “Lenkom” came Mironov, but somehow it did not happen. Probably because they mark Anatolyevich friends.

A scene from “VA-Bank”.

— So therefore Zakharov invites Masha Mironov every time in your show?

— And so, too, although Mary is a wonderful actress. It’s a dynasty, that’s fine.

— But negative feelings? They must also save up for the stage.

— It is very difficult to play on stage and not love those who you play with. And when something does not work — always think that it’s my fault, something I did not do that. Besides, I think that I did not have one. Rather, I have my family but how can I demand something from strangers? Sometimes even that strangers, not relatives by blood, closer than family.

“So we have until the street name Beria will live”

— Tell me, the theatre “Lenkom” is a healthy body?

— Do you have doubts? See what our artists! Men: Singers, Crayfish, Stepanchenko, Alexander Lazarev, Verzhbitsky, Yumatov, now came to us Mirkurbanov… What a great theatre, what a team! Or that Anton Shagin, and it’s a different generation. GIESBRECHT, Marchuk… I understand that every actor wants to with his departure, everything collapsed, and it is a natural desire. But remember, as Satire was built on the two great artists — Papanov and Mironov, and when they are gone, something changed. Though, probably, it is impossible to say, because the Theatre of satire is a favorite with theatre audiences.

— You — people’s artist of Russia, and, in my opinion, this is absolutely true. But folk artists now, the title is devalued. When you know that folk artists were Leonov, Yankovsky, Abdulov…

— Mark A. says: “we rarely meet artist no title”.

— It is best to cancel these titles. No, people’s artists of America.

— They have a cinema, they have other rates, other salaries. And what beautiful they older women are 80, 90 years… Well, what to do, we live in a different world, a different society. And what about the actors who work on the periphery, in the town of Syzran, Kalinin somewhere? Yes, unfortunately, there is Kaliningrad and is Leninsky prospect.

Frame from the film “Formula of love” (1984).

— And you wanted it…

— Yes, I’d like to see it renamed.

Is you are not a trend you’re talking about. We’re back in the USSR…

— Yes? But still call the city, the street names of the killers… So we have the street named after Beria will live.

— Well, you’re right, dad, antistalinist! Then the tricky question: our Crimea?

Yes. So thought Prince Potemkin Tauride and Catherine the Great.

— Then tell at last: what it means to be an artist zakharovskaya?

— When mark A. invites new man, then tells him, “Just give the word, you will go crazy”. And the actor gives the word. Then gradually something happens with the body. Zakharov sculpts of the actors — he knows how to raise a person, he equips the actor, so there is school. This literature, this worldview, manner of walking, talking… This environment, the ability to see what is happening on the street, it’s empathy for the unfortunate, the abandoned elderly and children, dogs… I’m a terrible dog person myself, I know whereof I speak.

I loved and love Alexander Abdulov as a great, great artist. He had a particular blood type of artist, he was big, he was very zakharovskaya, very theatrical. He could not leave the theater, he was even given an office, he was staying there, lived… you Know, I had a moment when I wanted to go from the play “the Barbarian and heretic”, and he said to me: “Sasha, I beg you, don’t leave this show, I’ll miss you”. It was like a medal hung up on me.

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