“Alligators” for “the pharaohs”: Russia has won the tender to supply helicopters Ka-52K for the Egyptian “Mistral”

The head of the Federal service for military-technical cooperation (FSMTC) Dmitry Shugaev reported that Russia will supply the ship’s helicopters Ka-52K for the Egyptian “Mistral”, as it won a tender.

This official statement made at the event in the air show in Le Bourget, reports “Russian conversation”.

Shugaev also stressed that now the Russian and Egyptian sides have a lot of work. In particular, the need to harmonize the technical configuration of the helicopter and financial conditions. In other words, future partners need to hold a “pre-contract work”, which is often very “viscous,” said Shugaev. However, he assured, this is not surprising – it happens, and in all respects. Work in this direction is already firmly underway, and the contract is “interesting, important,” concluded sugar .

Previously Director of international cooperation and regional politics “Rosteh” Viktor Kladov said that an agreement in principle with Egypt for the supply of Ka-52K is already there, but signing an official contract has not yet been delivered.

Ka-52K is a modification of the combat helicopter Ka-52, known by the “sobriquet” of “alligator”. Its main tasks are patrolling, fire support of landing and antilanding defense.

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