American legislators recommend Trump to restore a communication channel with the DPRK on the military side

A group of us lawmakers appealed to President Donald Trump with the letter, which encourages him to restore ties with North Korea on military lines to avoid accidental conflict, told the publication The Hill.

“The United States must do everything in their power to avoid misunderstandings that could lead to the escalation of the conflict in even more serious level, including nuclear war,” the letter reads, signed by over 30 members of Congress.

The letter emphasized: “given Your recent statements about the dialogue with North Korea and the possibility of establishing relations with North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN, we strongly demand to give priority attention to this form of communication as the first step on the part of governments of the two countries, which will help to avoid conflict.”

The congressmen explain that “all this is aimed at the military of the two countries could be in contact in order to avoid war by mistake .”

They also noted that “the establishment of, at least, communication on the military side is important when we are involved in war games, when our pilots are flying bombers close to their (North Korean – if) boundaries, when there is a regime with paranoid ideas about what America is going to attack.”

Congressman Ro Khanna, who is the initiators of the letter, said that he sees no reason “why we can’t establish a connection at least on the military side, as it was with the Soviet Union.”

In his opinion, to reduce tensions between the US and the DPRK would resume the operation of the law under which the President had no right to strike North Korea without congressional approval, and send to North Korea a delegation of congressmen for talks on peaceful settlement of the conflict

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