American scientists told, how to overcome any addiction

American scientists came to the conclusion that any dependence that exists in our days, can be cured. According to specialists, any relationship – not that other, as a habit. And habits, in turn, it is possible to change.

Neuroscientist Marc Lewis said that changes in the structure
of the brain people with different types of dependencies have the same reflections, reports
“Russian Conversation”. In particular, changes in the brain
-man’s alcoholic identical changes in the brain of the compulsive gambler.

The appearance of any habit depends solely on the person and
needs, which, he believes, it is extremely necessary. In the brain
dependent person an alarm on the immediate needs of anything
however, this signal is instigated by a person who is not his
the further life without implementing this requirement.

It can be removed from any habit, scientists believe . It all depends
solely on the strength of the human will and its desires to overcome the particular
dependence, and the signals that we are programmable brain. Of course,
this process is not easy and takes time but nothing is impossible.

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