An angry resident of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous fire to ex-girlfriend of her husband, with whom he celebrated the New year

A resident of Kondinsk district of KHMAO became involved in the case after he set fire to ex-girlfriend of her husband. The incident took place on 1 January. However it became known of it only now.

As reported in a press-service of district Department of internal Affairs, information
about the incident came from assistant Kondinskiy township hospitals. Medic
told that they received the woman with burns. The victim
was conscious and was able to tell that she was attacked by her friend
reports “Russian conversation”.

Police managed to establish that “Apple
of contention” for the two ladies was a man. He celebrated the New year with the victim
which is his former mistress. In the morning the accused, which is
the lawful wife of macho man went in search of a lost companion. Woman
discovered his beloved in the apartment of the victim, and then between the two
a fair sex was a conflict . During quarrel the wife
poured on baseline alcohol drink and burned her clothes

Thermal burns accounted for nearly 10% of the area of the body that
according to expert opinion, cause harm to health of average weight.

Currently the suspect is under a subscription about

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