An UN-named recipe of happiness and well-being of the peoples

UN, 20 March. /Offset. TASS Oleg Zelenin/. The authorities of the countries will be able to make its citizens happy, if they focus not only on ensuring economic growth, and equally to care about the social welfare of the population and preservation of the environment.

This was stated by first Deputy UN Secretary-General Amina Mohammed meeting on the occasion of the International day of happiness.

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According to her, governments “should create the minimum conditions for happiness” of the population, including to provide food and basic services, to guarantee fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens and their social protection. “When governments seek only to economic growth and forget about the social and environmental dimensions, it has a negative impact on human well-being and can lead to increased inequality and environmental degradation,” warned Mohammed .

She stressed that the welfare of the people depends not only on the level of their income. “People are happier when they have a job and a sense of stability when they can freely Express their opinion, when the environment is safe, when they have strong families and good friends,” said Deputy Secretary General of the UN.

As stated by Mohammed, to build happy societies will help the implementation of the UN agenda for sustainable development until 2030, which implies the fight against economic and social inequality, climate change and other global challenges. Under this plan, reminded the Deputy Secretary General, efforts to eradicate poverty must be accompanied by the implementation of the strategy in the field of education, health, social protection and employment of citizens, as well as steps aimed at protecting the environment. She called on countries to reaffirm the commitment “to build more just societies, to ensure a happy existence and well-being around the world.”

International day of happiness celebrated March 20, 2013. It was established by the resolution of the UN General Assembly adopted on 12 July 2012 at the initiative of Bhutan. The feast proclaims the idea that the pursuit of happiness is a common desire for all people in the world.

Last Saturday, the UN has launched a new information campaign in support of the Goals of sustainable development objectives in the fight against poverty and inequality and protecting the environment, delivered at the summit in new York in 2015. Now to draw public attention to them will the Smurfs – loved by millions of people the dwarf creatures from the comics and cartoons, invented by Belgian artist Pierre Culliford. In the inauguration ceremony of characters as the ambassadors of the United Nations adopted by the actors voicing them in the movie “Smurfs: the lost village,” which will be released this month.

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