Anastasia Zavorotnyuk jail: actress could go to jail because of the huge debts

Famous actress is awaiting trial, which will be the case regarding its multimillion-dollar debts.

Press reports that soon the actress will have to appear in court. Anastasia is still not sorted out with huge debts, reports “Russian conversation”.

Eight years ago Zavorotnyuk invested in the construction of the Crimean rink. However, the project soon began to bring not profit, but continuous losses. Later, Anastasia took money in order to buy a mansion. Still credit celebrity remained outstanding, although it had a long time to pay it.

Due to the fact that car crash delayed the payments, the amount of its debt increased. Now the Bank intends to collect from the actress the money through the courts. Most likely, the hearing will be open, although Anastasia had insisted on behind closed doors .

There is a possibility that the star of “My fair nanny” can go to jail because of late payments or failure to repay the loan at all.

Yet she Zavorotnyuk chose to refuse to comment about their debts and related lawsuits.

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