Anna Sedokova accused the Russian edition in a brazen lie about her pregnancy

Anna said that in the media appeared false information about the cancellation of her speech because of an interesting situation.

Surely everyone knows that pregnant women can’t have too much to worry about, as this may adversely affect the health of the unborn child. However experiences hard to avoid, if in an interesting position is a public person. For example, Anna Sedokova, recently admitted that waiting for a third child, the time exposed to stress, according to “Russian conversation”.

Recently, the main matchmaker of the country, rose Sabitova, called the singer “a raw material”, as that already has two kids from different men and now she waits for the next replenishment. Anna said with dignity leading, saying it does not have to justify it to every person that does not like her lifestyle, and also admitted to the happiness to be mother of many children .

Today, one Russian newspaper published an article, according to which speech Sedokova in Bryansk fell through due to her pregnancy. The news was the information that the representative of the institution, where he was to sing Anna didn’t want the audience looking at the “ugly” singer in position.

The singer has denied this information and stated that her presentation will be held. Also Sedokova shamed that a journalist, who called pregnant women are ugly and unattractive.

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