Another discovery on Mars: among the rocks of the planet, ufologists came across a sign lik

World famous and controversial UFO researcher Scott Waring said that he had found on the surface of the red planet photograph, which resembles the sign LIC. This discovery was made by means of the Orbiter Mars Odyssey. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

According to the ufologist,
the object on the red planet consists of stones standing on each other. Together they
forms a sign which resembles the famous lick used by social networks. Earlier in Ancient Rome
such a gesture meant jizni.

According to the representative
the scientific world, this sign could be sent by the astronauts who were in
the loop of the future. As stated by Scott, it is possible that in a few centuries
will be the first time machine, as evidenced by the detected symbol on
the surface of Mars.

As previously noted, the Land in ancient times resembled Mars .

As stated by scientists, in
the Archean period in the atmosphere of our planet was a high concentration of methane and
ammonia. That is, by studying the Red planet, we can better explore the history of
our own planet, which is very important in the context of understanding principles
of the origin of biological life.

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