Archaeologists destroyed all the stereotypes about mountain Tibet

Due to the obtained new data, archaeologists are forced to revise the initial settlement of the mountain of Tibet. This became possible after the discovery of the ancient imprints of hands and feet in the highland settlement Thusang. According to the publication Rossiiskii Dialog, in the village, which is located at an altitude of over 4 thousand kilometers, is located at a respectful distance from the nearest valley.

The analysis revealed
prints of the limbs of people has allowed scientists to revise their earlier
statements about the time of settlement of the region’s people. It happened 8 thousand years
ago, before the advent of the agrarian structure and the first protagonist.

This discovery is very
surprised the archaeologists how the ancient people could so rapidly
to adapt to the conditions of life in an environment with reduced oxygen . It is assumed,
that is due to the fact that the neighbors with low-lying areas could
to provide highland residents minimum supplies of food in exchange for some

Earlier it was reported that China will appear three new railroads, one of them will be built in Tibet.

The longest
railway with length of 1.8
thousand miles intended for the carriage of coal
from areas of Inner Mongolia in the North
China in the Eastern province of the country.
The construction of the line will take about 5 years
the construction cost – about 20 billion

Two more lines
will passenger. One of them of length
137 km will connect the city of Datong in
Shanxi province to Zhangjiakou in the province
Hebei, the second – with a length of 402 km will be
built in the Tibetan Autonomous region

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