Assad is enthusiastic about the non-admission of Syrian refugees in the United States and invites them to return home

The Syrian President said that he understands the concerns of Donald trump and does not condemn the decree, which he signed, concerning the prohibition of the reception of refugees from Syria. Bashar al-Assad is confident that these measures will help to prevent terrorists in the United States.

According to “Russian conversation”, he is most concerned that “the Syrians need to return home, and not send them to the United States.”

The Syrian President noted that the decree of his American colleague Donald trump on the prohibition of the admission of refugees is justified because terrorists often take advantage of the situation and move to other continents. This has already happened to Germany, when the last supporters of ISIS (banned in Russia – ed.) disguised as civilians, who lost their homes because of the war .

“He aimed at terrorists that will seep into the West. And it has already happened. We saw what happened in Europe, for example, in Germany,” – said Assad. He is convinced that the goal of the trump block entry of such people in the United States.

The Syrian President noted that he will survive to return Syrians to their homeland, and not to send them to US and complained, because as head of state, he’s disappointed that its citizens leave the country.

Earlier it became known that Bashar Assad has said that the humanitarian disaster happened in Syria, if not the friendly aid from Russia.

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