Astronomers have received an alien signal from the alien ship, which is two times the size of Earth

American researchers from Harvard University stated that it had received a signal from an alien civilization. This incident managed to capture a scientist AVI Loeb and Manasi Lingam. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

As claimed research
figures, the Observatory received a signal with a huge extraterrestrial ship, size
which is twice the size of Earth. The object moves at the speed of light in the unknown

It should be noted that the theory
about the signal from the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations does not support the global
community. Other specialists explained the process space echo
the collision of black holes or other cataclysms of the Universe.

Earlier, the American scientist said, when people suffer an alien intelligence.

American astronomer Seth Shostak told, when humanity will be able to identify extraterrestrial intelligence . According to the scientist, for 10-12 years humanity will be able to hear the signal that will confirm extraterrestrial life.

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