At a closed chemical plant where I was trying to get John DOE found huge stockpiles of explosives

To this point, the details became known of the night attack on not working krasnoural chemical plant in the Sverdlovsk region.

As it turned out, the stock closed company stores a large quantity of TNT, reports “Russian conversation”.

According to sources, the place of the accident, except for explosives, there are other hazardous substances and cores for projectiles.

The owner of bankrupt chemical plant can not provide the normal protection of the territory, which is why there is often way different people, including representatives of criminal groups.

Often their goal is the theft of TNT.

In March 2016 at Krasnouralsk chemical plant engaged in the production of TNT, explosives, industrial and household chemicals, there was a big fire. Since it is closed .

Previously, “Russian Dialogue,” he reported, as a result of invasion by unknown intruders into the territory of a chemical plant Krasnoural three guards were urgently hospitalized with various injuries.

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