At “Slavianski Bazaar” with Stas Mikhailov were enlightened

Sunday afternoon at “Slavianski Bazaar” was at the mercy of Stas Mikhailov, which is difficult today be described as “radiant”. What happened to the artist who in the recent past and did just that played hard, suing the press for no reason, hard to say, but today he just exudes goodness. Mikhailov came even before that, met with reporters and for the next sixty minutes telling the press how he loves everybody. Among the “all” were his family, the spectators, the sponsors, the organizers and even journalists.

photo: Lily Sharlovskoe

“You used us sued — asked the media — just like that, without reason, for one only posted your picture!”

“All in the past! — I argued with Stas Mikhailov. — I’m different now, open, available, ready to dialogue, and in General: write what you want”.

Journalists looked on with suspicion Mikhailov, Stas press gently. If the artist was a Buddhist and a long time doing yoga, you would think that he has reached Nirvana . But as Mikhailov — Orthodox people, we can only assume that he was enlightened.

However, Stas do openly answered all questions and not even losing his complacency.

— As soon as it becomes unnecessary, it is necessary to leave, I understand I can’t always be on the wave. In twenty years you can’t be ready for glory, and when you have nothing to say, you don’t do it. Still scene — the donor site, where a person gives, so before you go to sing — think why you need it. Glory is more challenge than reward. To be a project, might be interested, just to be a person — is much more difficult and not always possible.

— Say, you or maybe your relatives — rent apartments in Sochi…

— What you say! I advise you: go relax! It really is a laugh! My parents are hospitable people. Father built a house with his own hands, not so hot, I could do better, and in General would like to take them to Moscow, where already all there. But parents say: “We will not go from the place where he killed our son.” (Brother Stas Mikhailov was a pilot and died in a plane crash. — Ed.) The parents gets a lot of visitors not to be bored, lonely, they organize parties and old spend their days, other pleasures they have, if I’m not there. But why should I take the apartment? I’m self-sufficient person, I have everything.

— How are relations with those of your songs which you may would like to perform, but they are too complex for your audience, and you have to sing others, which awaits and demands the audience? — asked the question “MK”.

— Always play songs that are waiting for me. But there are songs that you just can’t sing. If the song “Without you” I’ve been singing for 20 years, telling the audience: “Let’s sing together!” By the way, once in Australia, I was walking down the street and suddenly saw the accordion player who sat and sang “Without you” — well, I went and we sang together. Money, however, I was not given. (Laughs.)

— So you do not hesitate to go on about the public?

— I’m trying to get in the hall has been home atmosphere, and even those who do not like Stas Mikhailov would want to sing and dance. I think, it’s not not what you are like and what people like. For example, people noted the first sound of “Without you” or the same “Spark” — and as we do any rewriting, they want to hear an old recording. Not to say that I get pleasure when I sing “Without you”, but it is fun. This song does not carry much meaning, but it made me famous, although I never put it. Actually, I noticed that all tracks with a negative title are the chances of success, because they have a message. “Well, that’s all” or “All for you” is one of denial or positive. “That’s all, and I’m out of your life” is denial, and I’ve lived it, this was in my life. And many people had seen and perceived through itself, because the statistics on marriage breakdown are very bad.

— Makes you angry, if people don’t take something you wrote a song?

— This has never happened before. Of course, it is impossible that everything you write, loved people, and there are a lot of songs I don’t sing. I survived, or they survived me — whatever, but not singing.

— As far as you demanding tests of their songs? Today in show business there is a tendency to simplify phrases, as it is believed that people still don’t listen and just think of songs background. Do you share this opinion?

— This is nonsense! It is very important what you sing. Lyrics paramount, music only makes the paint, and the arrangement brings a fifty percent success, because the song’s different sound. Well, the flow of the artist, of course, important, if he lived what sings, people feel it. They are generally always all choose themselves, and they want to talk about serious things, crying, laughing, because they are alive.

At its solo concert, which took place on Sunday evening, Stas really confirmed everything I said to the journalist “MK”. All their songs were carrying a deeper, philosophical, even a religious background and that of Stas in a certain period of time tried to offer his audience, today the program is gone. “We’ve got an easy, summer concert,” explained the artist. Indeed, all two hours of the audience, 95 percent of the women in the age of “slightly over thirty”, heard from the stage only songs that the artist himself defined “for the beautiful half of humanity.” It was a dance tune with the same meaning is “all for you” — or rather of Stas Mikhailov is not to say.

But if someone may think that this concert is designed for simple taste, I personally think that approval snobbery. Yeah, Mikhailov is not without reason called “the artist for divorcees”, meaning that the songs of this class must first resonate in the souls of lonely women who has no one in real life to hear: “all for you”. Except that at a concert Stas Mikhailov. But isn’t happiness that at least there can be someone to feel caressed by the attention? And an artist of all respect: and I wanted to sing, and the stage was empty, and took the flowers, and to kiss itself was allowed, and he kissed it. What else a woman want? No matter divorced or not, but they were all two hours at his concert happy.

And in the final performances of Stas Mikhailov read the small sermon, the meaning of which boiled down to the fact that if you believe, the Lord will give what people dream of, and where lives faith, will and happiness, and love.

“Faith, principles, family, free will that was given to us by God — that’s the most important — showed Mikhailov and journalists. The pot cannot say to the Potter, “Why did you make me thus?” Each has its purpose, God will reveal it when you’re ready.”

No doubt the sincerity of the artist and even without denying their relevance, I just want to note that the free program Stas Mikhailov of the two branches (sermon+concert) deployed to the country to Christianity faster than any of the lessons of the law of God in high school. No wonder he forgave all, reconciled with all, and learned to love literally everyone.

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