At the Belarusian-Ukrainian border near the checkpoint “Alexandrovka” strengthened border control

On the section of the Ukrainian-Belarusian border, near the Belarusian border checkpoint “Alexandrovka”, where on Monday night was an attempt to break a car across the state border of Belarus, there are additional border guards.

As the press service of the State border service of Ukraine, Monday, March 20, the Belarusian border guards informed the state border service of Ukraine about the attempt to break through the Belarusian border checkpoint “Alexandrovka” of the car, which allegedly followed from Ukraine.

“The state border service immediately began a review of the information provided in the course of which it was established that the foreign car registration, the border of Ukraine or on entry or departure crossing. Persons who probably were in his cabin, for a long time also not followed across the state border”, – is told in the message .

Currently, the Ukrainian and Belarusian border guards together establish all the circumstances of this incident and the motives of the persons who were in the car. The results of this work will be announced later.

“At the same time on the section of the Ukrainian-Belarusian border has already put up additional border guard, strengthened control over the observance of the regime at checkpoints and specified the interaction with their Belarusian colleagues,” – said in the message.

Previously, the state border Committee of Belarus reported that at 01:45 Monday, March 20, to enter Belarus from Ukraine was an attempt to break through the state border at the checkpoint “Alexandrovka” car brand “Jeep”.

According to the guards, a car crashed into a barrier and drove through the forced stop. Despite all the damage, the SUV tried to break into the territory of Belarus. For detention of the said car by the staff of the Belarusian border service has been applied thereon sidearm.

Was arrested two men, whose identities are established. According to available information, the car could be another offender, who is currently a fugitive, said the state border Committee.

During the inspection of the detained car discovered a TT pistol and two fully loaded magazine, as well as a subject, externally similar with TNT and detonators, added in the border agencies of Belarus.

In turn, the speaker of the State border service of Ukraine Oleg Slobodyan reported that a preliminary examination found that this car the border of Ukraine or on entry or exit crossing.

“This is the car on the Belarusian rooms at the Belarusian register. There’s quite a large distance between the Ukrainian and Belarusian border crossing points, so now we are within our competence to help Belarusian colleagues to establish how and why could this car to come, and whether he came from the territory of Ukraine, and who was behind the wheel of this car”, – said Oleg Slobodyan.

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