At the Bolshoi theatre melted “snow white” spotlights

Why shoot Lensky and Onegin? Why Lisa drowned herself? What killed violet? Such questions are increasingly asked Opera Directors, competing in the paradoxical answers. And now Lena dead in the accident, Lisa hopped on a boat and Violetta got AIDS. Only the snow maiden somehow managed to melt from the love and the heat of Yarilo-Sun. However, it came her turn: she did not die at the campsite from the hands of Dmitry Chernyakov at the Paris Opera Bastillе as it was caught up by Alexander Titel at the Bolshoi theatre and melted under the rays of searchlights huge plant. Still, we must not forget that for his first specialty Alexander B. — electrical engineer.

Everything has already happened: nuclear war, environmental disaster, global cooling and the destruction of civilization. The world is covered with snow . Hundreds, wrapped in blankets Berendei hanging out on the upper cradles the rusted Ferris wheel, the roof of an unfinished skyscraper concrete with protruding rebar, near the tops of power lines with severed wires. Whether it is the Tsar Berendey (Bogdan Volkov) his “luxurious Palace” is located in the train, somehow find themselves on top of multi-ton snow layer. Miracles? Well, of course! It’s a spring fairy tale — where everything you want can happen. Including the emergence of girls-snow Maiden (Olga Seliverstova) is the angular unity with a bandaged hand. Why it’s bandaged (the bandage by the end of the performance will increase slightly) — no one understood. Well, maybe just a sore arm. Spring (Agunda Kulaeva) sings her Aria. While doing this it is not easy: the singer fell to the share of the first to introduce the viewer to the rules of a childish game called “the snow maiden” by Rimsky-Korsakov at the Bolshoi theatre, was built in the genre of a mainstream Thriller-dystopian post-apocalyptic survival of the human civilization in a nuclear winter.

What does this have to do with a pantheistic, poetic, incredibly beautiful, full of sensuality and eroticism of the story told Ostrovsky and Rimsky-Korsakov? The most direct: all this sensuality, this whole pantheism and even the beauty of the music setting deny on the vine. Well, interesting that neither the Director nor the artist Vladimir Arefiev. And even conductor Tugan Sokhiev, who, it would seem that little could pretend that he is on the side Rimsky-Korsakov, this is not wished, and stood in a defensive stance directorial decisions. Or rather, not dead, but just very sonorous: Maestro found in the score, gloomy, kept pauses between rooms and very much exaggerated. The images resisted as best they could, but lost. Together with the composer.

To describe in detail the episodes of this artistic expression is not very interesting — it is enough to take any film on a similar subject, which are produced in Hollywood packs. Now, however, the fashion for them a few passed, but fifteen years ago we saw and iron barrels of burning trash, which is heated destitute of humanity, and the fools with shaved skulls and bandaged loins, who nonetheless famously danced the dance of the buffoons saw biscuits and canned food, which we obtain from the haversack as precious cargo, met us glasses that protect from the snow of the disease (where they just got?), and scary figures crawling on concrete and rebar, giving the spectral spider (Elchin Azizov) to get closer to the maiden. All the stamps are there. More interesting to describe what we have not seen and not heard: a love story, the movement of the senses, a magical transition from innocent child’s coldness towards Mature female passion, the harmony of the epic and the lyric, which is so enchanting in operas by Rimsky-Korsakov, and just the beauty of this music, melodies, chords that have frozen nuclear winter, God damn it.

To suspect the Directors in speculation on the climate topic of the day is impossible: it is clear that conceptually the decision was made long before our unnatural cold summer of 2017. And here came a killer idea: what if all the opposite?! If the cold of our summer provoked such a radical interpretation of the Russian classics? What if Jari-the Sun is angry on us? And we will not be summer this year?! At least now we know who to ask.

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