Because of snow in Transcarpathia were left without electricity 24 settlements – Goschs

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In the Transcarpathian region due to heavy snowfall and sticking of wet snow, the inhabitants of the 24 settlements were left without electricity. According to the State emergency service on the official website.

In particular, 11 is de-energized settlements of Svalyava district: S. yakivs’ke Pavlovo, Flat, Oleneva, Rodnikovka and Rodnykova Huta, S. Paseka, s. Drachyno, S. Suskovo, S. Pigeon, Solochyn village.

In velykobereznianskyi district remained without electricity for 8 settlements: S. Smerekovo, pp. Blackheads, S. bukivts’ovo, S. roztots’ka pastil’, p. Begindata Pastil’, S. Kosteva pastil’, S. Machar, S. Fierce.

In Perechyn district, de-energized 5 settlements: S. Tur’i Remety, C. Simer, S. Turytsia, S. Zarichevo, village of Lumshory.

Eliminate emergency crews work RES.

As subscales, in the Transcarpathian region about 9:30 January 14 went 3 avalanches . In Ivano-Frankivsk and Zakarpattya oblasts because of the bad weather restricted the movement of trucks.

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