Best Pasewalk and Pasewalk on the Old New year 2017

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Sow, blowing posevayut, happy New year congratulations!

It is believed that the Old New year has to reconcile and resolve the conflict, ask for forgiveness. To deny others the reconciliation or forgiveness is strictly prohibited. Pasewalk on the Old New year has to teach only boys .

Sow, blowing posevayut,

New year congratulations!

For the New year, to new happiness

Freak the wheat

Peas, Chechevichi!

On the field – stacks,

On the table – pies!

Happy New year,

New happiness, host, hostess!


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Su, Wii, POWAY,

S Novi rock you vitayu!

On happiness, on health protection,

On Novyi Rik,

Dwellers have better urodela,

Than cork!

Su, Wii, POWAY,

Your hut is not the Meany,

S Novi rock IDU to hachi

Something you may wwwpati:

MOBI children of all zdorov,

STI mess VSI gotov,

Dwellers you Bula them potha,

And us pennies, Hoch Puma!


Sow Wei, posevaem,

Happy New year congratulations!

Though the Old New Year

Still good bears!

We wish the old fashioned way

Fertility of the sod,

Warm kennels – dog

Saucer of milk for the kitten

A handful of wheat – cock,

Girl red – other,

Small children – mom and dad,

Grandmother – vocalic small!

Sow Wei, posevaem,

Happy New year congratulations!

Open the trunk,

Get Piglet!


So, so, POWAY

s Novi rock you vitayu!

Dwellers You have fun zhilosya,

Dwellers of Saumane sabulosa,

Dwellers Nikoli not hvori,

Dwellers nichogo not Bollo,

Dwellers have Pratsi all gorlo

That in kichen Selecta!

Dwellers, Yak flowers, VI CLI

She has lived 100 years!


Sow, sow, posevaem,

Happy New year congratulations!

Let RUB or nickle –

Won’t go away.


So, so, Sashu

S Novi Rock You vitayu!

So generously iz Dolan

For dolls for Oslon

Sasay Your Hut

Be Radin th Bhagat.

So densely perekhresne

On welfare People Chesnin.

Promoview s konem Kroc

S New Mastam, s Novi Rock!


Sow, sow, posevayut, happiness, joy, desire.

The owner goes, positec bears!

The first pagetoc – marocca of corn,

Moroccoi gitanes goat will be fed.

Another pagetoc – Marocco buckwheat,

Marocco buckwheat – us varenichki.

The third pagetoc – a sieve of oats,

A sieve of oats, top with sausage.

Be healthy! A truly Holy!

Happy holidays, masters!


Mi prishli you posati,

Dwellers usih poszanowanie.

Sm, sm grain,

Novyi Rik dwellers CCB s wine.

From di dwellers table LAMESA,

Dwellers of I HLB not perisa.

Sm, sm, posam,

Happiness th radost Bagam.

Dwellers of I house, and on the poli

You vsogo Bulo dowel.

Sm, sm, posam,

S Novi rock You WTM!


Sow, sow, posevayut, Christmas Carols, congratulations

Happiness, joy, desire.

Sow, sow, Paveway, barley, wheat strew

Want the freak to the barn doubled

To children growing up to marry girls took.

Sow, sow, posevayut, happiness, joy, desire.

Who will give us pie, to a full barn of cattle

Sheep with oats, the stallion with the tail.

One will give the pie that kurichia leg

Pest Yes a shovel, a cow with a hunchback.


Su, Wii, POWAY…

Give pennies

more SLV don’t know!


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Sow Wei posevaem,

Happy New year congratulations!

Happiness, joy, health and good luck wish!

And even to Santa Claus

Money bag You brought!!

I will give and I will praise you!!

Who bestow the money,

He will become rich.

You are our master, good boy!!!

Surely you us money, but the glass will not give???

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