Big love Vladimir Tolokonnikov: friends and colleagues remember the deceased actor

Usually the actor Vladimir Tolokonnikov, he had to appear on the screen, caused shock and rejection: “Yes, with that face… And how these artists take”. But as soon as he began to speak, to play — here is the admiration: what a powerful, charismatic, it costs nothing to hire you and not let go until the last. But in any case not to “choke”, as did his hero Balls in the main movie biography of the artist — “heart of a Dog”. However, the amazing thing is that for many people the unpleasant roles he was a person of rare inner beauty and charm. About Vladimir Tolokonnikov in the “MK” remember his friends and colleagues in the theatre and cinema.

Vladimir Tolokonnikov “greatest love” – roses.

Director Vladimir Bortko: “He played a major role in my main movie — “heart of a Dog”. There was, to put it mildly, one of the components of success, if not the most important . But not in this case. He was kind, sincere and intelligent man. This is the most important. I regret that rarely met. Deeply saddened”.

Composer Vladimir Dashkevich: “This is one of the most talented actors with whom I had to work. In “heart of a Dog”, which is due to Volodya is one of the great films of the twentieth century, he played so beautifully that nothing is lost Evstigneev. It’s amazing how the look of eternally assigned to him the ball did not correspond to his inner world. In life he was very intelligent, soft and not aggressive. It’s amazing how he managed to play a fanatic with such assiduity… One phrase — “choked, strangled, suffocated” — fuse forever in the minds of viewers.

He told me that he often went to universities in big cities, where it was never accepted. See talent only in the Yaroslavl theater school, which he graduated. Yet he loved to talk about roses. Every day they worked in Alma-ATA, where he lived and worked in the Theater Lermontov (GARTZ. — “MK”). He planted, fertilized, watered. Rose is his greatest love.”

Actor Alexander Revva: “After the filming of the movie “Grandma easy virtue”, where we were constantly together, Tolokonnikov became like a father to me. He is amazingly kind and attentive.

An artist with a capital letter. Powerful, charismatic, charming. Working with him was a pleasure. I am very sad.”

Frame from the film “heart of a Dog”.

Film Director Nikolay Dostal: “Woe to such unexpected care. Recently we watched a scene from the next film in which he had the main role. And prior to that worked in three paintings, in particular “the Cloud-Paradise”. I was with him easily. Tolokonnikov — clear, conformable to the observations, disciplined. A talented actor, but a wonderful man. With a sense of grace, subtle, correct, though we played unintelligent role. Say: no one is irreplaceable. There! Tolokonnikov! It is unlikely in the near future will appear.”

Gartda actress Olga Landina: “Vladimir Alekseevich loved to fool around, flirt with girls, as a joke, of course. Terribly concerned and are ready to help. Young has always supported, prompted errors, and good luck sincerely praised”.

The team Gartda: “the Last few months Vladimir was seriously ill, but the videos that were posted by his sons, Glen of the customs, and gave us faith that will make it pop out of another ailment. Alas… time was often called by the brand of our theatre. This is partly because the role of Sharikov in the film Bortko immortalized the actor, however, the artist himself was not very fond of, when he was associated with negative, yet incredibly charming character.

In our theatre Tolokonnikov played such a number of diverse roles that it is difficult to calculate. He was a stranger to the pathos, arrogance, complacency… Vladimir Alexeyevich was a very reckless man, and readily gave consent to participate in the flashmob in Almaty airport, leaving passengers in the costume of the Mayor from the play Revizor. Although theoretically could have refused, having referred to employment.

With the resounding popularity and national love star fever has passed Vladimir Alekseevich, but his heart is different from redundancy. Hard to believe that we, colleagues and comrades Tolokonnikova’ll never hear behind the scenes, in the dressing room with his distinctive laughter, jokes, anecdotes.

Condolences to the family and friends of Vladimir Alekseevich, all admirers of his bright, original talent!”.

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