Block Association: in the Netherlands sued

For the Dutch government sued because of Association with Ukraine

“There is no place for amendments, in this situation a compromise is not possible” – say the initiators of the lawsuit.

In the Netherlands, the movement, the Forum for democracy had filed a lawsuit against the Dutch government to prevent the ratification of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU, reports Dutch News.

This movement was one of the originators of the referendum on ratification of the Agreement. Now the Forum for democracy want judges stopped attempts by the government to ratify it.

According to them, the act on the consultative referendum suggests that after the voting took place, the results should be taken as soon as possible, or ignored.

Despite this, the government has begun negotiations in the EU and with the political parties within the country regarding next steps.

The movement is convinced that this is a violation of applicable law .

“There is no place for amendments, in this situation, compromise is impossible” – said in the motion.

The Dutch Prime Minister said earlier that the Netherlands to ratify the Association between Ukraine and the EU after the elections in March.

At the same time, the media wrote, the Dutch Parliament may not ratify an Association, despite the measures taken by him for more clarification. The main problem in the Senate where the ruling coalition has too few seats.

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