Bond girl Miriam d ABO was a Georgian and the wife of “Oscar”

The main award “Golden apricot” received at the 14th International film festival in Yerevan, a young Indian filmmaker Sanal Kumar Sasidharan for the low-budget film “Sexy Durga”, shot in one night without a script. The jury of game competition was part of the Russian film Director Alexei Fedorchenko.

Miriam d ABO and Georgian film Director Giorgi Ovashvili.

Sanal Kumar, who shot his second feature film for funny money, was in Armenia a millionaire. In addition to the honorary awards and a basket with ripe apricots he received … two million Armenian drams. When took out the plate with such impressive numbers, the inexperienced foreign guests stopped. But it was necessary to recalculate… well, it’s about two thousand dollars. Surprisingly another – how they were found. Before the opening it seemed that the festival will not take place. Money for it was not. But a modest budget plays a significant role . When the money does not flow like water, people include the head and extract the maximum from the minimum. In Yerevan every year, great guests and a great program (although for the right of “first night” no one here beats). Many of our festivals, having a big budget is not able to achieve anything like that.

Indian filmmaker Sanal Kumar Sasidharan admitted: “I’m amazed nightlife in Armenia. People walking, sitting in a cafe. Amazing freedom of the night. In India you have to go home and watch TV as soon as it gets dark. This is the official rule.” In his film “Sexy Durga” everything happens at night on the road in one of the Northern regions of the country. The husband and wife are trying to get to the train station on the ride and find yourself in the company of thugs. Attempts to leave the car to nothing lead. Companions only repeat that it’s dangerous and they steal people. The police are no better than new friends. A feeling of fear reaches its climax. Interspersed with these scenes are shots of the sacred ritual in honor of the Indian goddess: people hung from hooks in the skin and are driven around the city with a huge crowd of people. Nothing to do with our usual Indian movie “Sexy Durga” is not.

Surprisingly, in Yerevan, where you can enjoy Russian cinema, the competition was not of our paintings. There were negotiations about the “Tightness” of Cantemir Balagova and “Arrhythmia” Boris Khlebnikov, but they have been unsuccessful. In the end, showed out of competition “Arrhythmia,” which brought half the room to tears. And then the audience asked the most unexpected questions. For example, the main character, which at first glance childish. Armenian women gave as he embraces his wife. Boris Khlebnikov did not flinch from even the most intimate of judgment and spoke about his vision: “Hero Alexander Yatsenko himself does not make decisions, shifting it to the wife. Family life he is the pig. Behaves like a 13-year-old teenager.” By the way, one of the producers of Ruben Dishdishyan is a native of Yerevan.

The jury game of the competition was headed by British Director and “Oscar”, Hugh Hudson (“chariots of Fire”). He himself on the eve of the closing of the festival was awarded “Parajanovi Thaler” for achievements in the profession. It is made of foil, but in the image and likeness of those thalers, which was done at the tuberculosis prison barracks filmmaker Sergei Paradjanov of the caps from milk bottles in Soviet times. Hudson asked that the award ceremony was held at the Museum of Parajanov, which was done. He also gave traditional Oriental bag of Jurgen woven carpet technology. These are usually put on camels and donkeys to transport the products. Hugh Hudson was a man of excellent taste, which affected the distribution of awards. He was impressed by the young experimental film. On the whole, the jury was good. Suffice it to mention the names of our Aleksei Fedorchenko, Ennedi, Ildiko from Hungary, whose film “body and soul” received at the recent Berlinale Golden bear, Shiro, Hera from Colombia with its 40 world medals (two years ago, his movie “Embrace of the serpent” won in Yerevan).

Photo film Director Hugh Hudson and actress Miriam d ABO.

“Silver apricot” was awarded to the Brazilian “Arabia” Guasa of Domanassa and Alfonso Ochao. As “Sexual other” it was first presented at the Rotterdam film festival and also destroyed the conventional understanding of the traditional cinema of their country. Special mention of the jury awarded the German-Bulgarian painting “Western” valeski Grisebach. It is filmed in a Bulgarian village, where people come to build a dam German workers. Relations with local residents lining up extremely hard. They are two worlds that never the TWAIN shall meet. The film starred mostly non-professional actors, including local residents, a simple rural people. The result is gorgeous.

The migrants, many are now pictures on any festival. These are our realities. Ukrainian “the nest of the turtledove” Taras Tkachenko was shot in the village of Vyzhnytsya and Chernivtsi under in Genoa. The script was written based on the work of the late Vasil Melnikov, whose daughter went to Italy to work. The film’s heroine Darina performed by beautiful actress Rimma Zyubina also sent to work in Italy to support the family. After the screening the Director was bombarded with questions about life in a foreign country and the situation in Ukraine. Taras told about a familiar pole who works as a dishwasher at a Chinese in Germany about how the Italians go to England in search of a better life. According to him, 14 billion euros a year comes from those who work in Europe and send their savings to relatives. To the question, what is the formula for success of Ukraine, Taras answered, “to face their problems. Ukraine is sick, but she’s on her way to recovery.” The movie is a tragic story. In the midst of shooting dead 46-year-old actor Vitaly Lipnitsky, who played the husband of the heroine. Had to redraw, two scenes to shoot with another actor, but the audience doesn’t notice.

Wife of Hugh Hudson is a British actress Miriam d ABO – at the festival called bond girl. In 1987 she played in the movie “the living daylights” by John Glenn. In the role of James bond was Timothy Dalton. Although Miriam is a lot of other roles, including in the film adaptation of “Doctor Zhivago” Giacomo Campiotti, where she played the mother of Lara, from the plume of James bond not to leave. Miriam said: “I Have Georgian roots. My mom is from Tbilisi.” A grandfather – Georgian General Giorgi Kvinitadze. Miriam worked in the jury of the “Armenian panorama”, and it is hard because it is the most extensive program. And not because in Armenia a highly developed film industry (it is said that on the “Studio” is only one camera). In another case – are actively working Armenians living around the world. And the prizes too much. Armenian cinema was dominated in total, including a special screening. That was, until the short film, filmed in Georgia, a businessman living in Cyprus. His hero dream of comrade Stalin. The leader screen broadcasts: “I Sentence you to delirium tremens”. Miriam d ABO praised the class of Armenian actors and especially the young Samvel Tadevosyan, who played in “Line” and “Bravo, Virtuoso!”, who removed who lives in France directed by Armenian Levon Minasian. I have the feeling that this is a painting of the 90s, when he starred cooperative movie. Surprisingly, today the person who received film education in France, working in the same spirit. So the young talent had a hard time – try to play something like the classic “Lived a song thrush” in the context of gangster Comedy about a hit man named Virtuoso.

In documentary competition “Golden apricot” said the Palestinian, “Hunting for ghosts” by Raed Andoni. “Silver apricot” went to Turkish film “Mother Derdo and a walnut tree”. Her character made a strong impression on the jury and came to the premiere from Turkey. The daughter was holding her hand to an elderly village woman wasn’t too worried, seeing themselves on the screen. But mom Derdo laughed, looking himself and his neighbor on the screen.

The award of the Catholicos of all Armenians Karekin II, “let there be light” presented by the Armenian composer Tigran Mansuryan, who wrote the music for “the Color of pomegranate”, inheriting in his work the ideas of the famous Armenian classic Komitas (born in Turkey, studied in Berlin, who died in France). The ceremony took place in Holy Etchmiadzin.

Has not managed and without small scandal. Did not see one of the programs, which was attended by two of the film’s LGBT themes (“Gardens of apricot” and “Listen to me”). The Union of cinematographers of Armenia refused the planned screening, referring, however, to other causes. In the end, the organizers rented the entire program, which presented a varied picture.

Many films were shown under the open sky. In previous years viewers have watched them even at the zoo. Now come to Swan lake and to the Park of lovers. Cinemas in Armenia too little. Only four in the whole country. Two of them are in Yerevan. The oldest “Moscow”, built in Soviet times and became the main festival venue, recently he wanted to expose the renovation. But the townspeople reacted and defended. And then there was nowhere to spend the “Golden apricot”.

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