Brad pitt was shocked by the tragic loss of loved ones

Foreign journalists are alarmed for the American actor brad pitt.

According to “Russian conversation”
this is due to the sudden death of his two good friends.

The actor broke
first, the death of a 59-year-old former President and CEO of Paramount
Pictures brad grey, and then came the news of the death of frontend Soundgarden Chris Cornell, who a few days ago committed suicide.

According to
close to pitt, the Oscar producer was strong and friendly ties with
both departed. The loss is heavy and overwhelming.

note that brad is in itself nature is very sensitive and all the hardships
it takes a very hard. Recall when Angelina Jolie filed for divorce, her husband fell into the strong months of depression, from which he withdrew the work.

recently pitt was assured that already got myself under control after a fight with Angelina, and
thinking about suicide it has no . Despite his poor condition, which lasted
a couple of months, he recovered.

“All in
okay. It’s just life,” says pitt.

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