Bulgaria urged to unite to fight against extremism and populism

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Photo: from open sources

Extremism has become a new scourge that threatens all humanity.

Vice-President of Bulgaria iliyana Yotova believes that extremism and populism have become the new scourge that threatens all humanity.

She stated this yesterday in Sofia an international conference “Legal state, the rights and safety of people in an era of instability”, reports the correspondent of the Agency.

“We all need to find an antidote to the pessimism around us, as well as threats that come from populists and extremists. Extremism has become a new disaster that threatens all mankind”, – convinced the Vice-President.

Iotova called on States to unity, to work together to give a categorical and collective response to populists and extremists, “unleashed a real war for the souls of men and, above all, for the souls of the younger generation .”

“We have witnessed an unprecedented wave of migrants and refugees, witnesses populist and extremist movements and terrorist threats. In this regard, the main problem, in my opinion, is the question of the unification of all healthy forces, to face the new challenges confronting humanity”, – summed up Vice-the President of Bulgaria.

The conference was organized by the Bulgarian branch of the French Institute in collaboration with the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Bulgaria.

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