Canada imposed new sanctions against North Korea

North Korea Flag

The canadian government expanded sanctions against North Korea.

Canada has tightened sanctions against North Korea, the press service of the canadian foreign Ministry.

The government of Canada has banned its citizens to provide financial services to the DPRK and its citizens, and arrested the property and monetary assets of North Korea on its territory.

In addition, Canada has banned regular transport and transit of aircraft and ships of the DPRK through its territory.

The EU extended sanctions against the DPRK

Earlier, North Korean leader Kim Jong UN said he was ready to live under sanctions for a hundred years .

The aggravation of the situation around North Korea

Kim Jong UN is ready to live under sanctions for a hundred years

The US President believes his good relationship with Kim Jong-UN

The US wants to block the sea route to the DPRK

Putin called the North Korean leader and competent politician

South Korea will coordinate with the United States in their negotiations with the DPRK

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