Carpenter told the whole truth about the relationship between the LC and the DNI

The self-proclaimed head LNR Igor Carpenter in a joint press conference with his counterpart from the DND Alexander Zakharchenko said about what relations were established between the two republics.

Carpenter urged not to believe rumours that the two
unrecognized republics, there are serious conflicts and contradictions,
reports “Russian conversation”. According to the head LNR, all the problems
republics “narisovat” detractors. “Believe official
sources, not the rumors that spill out into the Internet,” said

Earlier Igor Carpenter responded to the energy
blockade of Donbass, organized by Kyiv. According to the head LNR, the supply of coal for
Ukraine will be resumed when the transport blockade of the region will

Carpenter understands that the blockade hurts the ordinary people
both sides of the line of demarcation, therefore, to aggravate the situation in the LC don’t want to . Together
so, to take the first step towards reconciliation in Lugansk also do not plan, intend
wait for an apology from Kiev over the actions of radical groups who are involved in
to the blockade.

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