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Radzinsky, Tsiskaridze, Vasiliev took a walk through the virtual Museum of Sergei Diaghilev


Today marks 145 years since the birth of the legendary impresario and Creator of the Association “World of art” and the literary magazine “Russian seasons” and “Russian ballet” Sergei Pavlovich Diaghilev. His birthday is confined unusual documentary film project “the Merchant at all times. Virtual Museum of Sergei Diaghilev”, which will soon be released. About […]

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The Eurovision organizers said that threatens Ukraine from-for not admission of the Russians Samoilova


The head of the European broadcasting Union Ingrid Deltenre commented on the decision of the security Service of Ukraine to ban the Russian athlete Yulia Samoilova entry to Ukraine for three years, due to the fact that she illegally visited the Crimea. According to the head of the EBU, Kiev must find a solution to […]

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Yury Grymov and actors of theatre “Modern” undressed for the photo shoot


On the official website of the theatre “Modern” there was a gallery with naked actors and the artistic Director Yuri Grymov. He is the artistic Director explained that the actors are creative, and sincere and not trying to shield himself from the world for a shield and armor and so naked. According to him, now […]

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The threat to suspend Ukraine from Eurovision: butted Moscow and Kiev


Even before reaching the “Eurovision 2017” in Kiev, Yulia Samoylova has already become the most discussed and controversial contest. Her name was pronounced a record number of times even the usually restrained by the leaders of the European broadcasting Union (EBU), caught between the Slavic lights and desperately trying to calm the situation around the […]

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About the background of the arrest of the Deputy Director of the Hermitage Novikova said a source in the secret service


Nobody is surprised that security officers detained as many as a whole, the Deputy Director of the Hermitage for the construction of Mikhail Novikov, and the court places him under house arrest for a couple of months. The Hermitage with all its branches and storage — actively constructed, there is a growing, thriving where, as […]

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The revolt of the intellectuals “Nike”: thread failed


What happened at the ceremony of awarding the national prize “Nika” — this is very serious. Movies, wine, dominoes well, of course, but not enough. This time intellectuals remembered not for its films-statements, but statements directly from the scene, thrown into the media space, in the audience. In Russia. And it’s not the bird that […]

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The scandal in the Hermitage associated with Yeltsin, the Voronenkova and Isaac


In the “case of restorers” began to shake the Hermitage. The Deputy Director of the Museum Mikhail Novikov, put under house arrest on suspicion of major fraud. Head of the Museum Mikhail Piotrovsky refused to comment, although freewheeling news about detention of the sons Novikova — head of the investment Department of restoration and construction, […]

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Pianist Viktor Yampolsky: “the Culture reminds mortem theatre”


Academic music — on a global scale — develops a totally unpredictable, Vaughn — who until recently would have to assume that China will become a new source of ideas that in the vastness of China European composers will draw inspiration? And it is still silent (in the musical sense) of the Islamic world, but […]

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“Best film” at the “Nike” has become “Paradise”


In the theater Mossovet ended 30th ceremony of awarding the National film award “Nika” at the end of 2016. Her triumph was the Andrei Konchalovsky film “Paradise”. photo: Svetlana Khokhryakova In the nomination “Best feature film” was presented six paintings: Queen of Spades by Pavel Lungin, “the Duelist” Alexey Mizgireva, “Collector” Alexey Krasovsky, “the Monk […]

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“Nick” for the “Honor and dignity” was awarded Alexander Sokurov


In the Theater. Council held the awards ceremony of the 30th National film award “Nika” at the end of 2016. Among those applying for the award and President of cincodemayo Andrei Konchalovsky’s movie “Paradise”. photo: Svetlana Khokhryakova Lena Lenina and Stas Sadalsky “Nika” in the nomination “Honor and dignity” was awarded to film Director Alexander […]

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