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Maria Maksakova: “How low I fell!”


Released a new pop music video “You’ll be mine” by Maria Maksakova, Opera divas, recent deputatka, and now the controversial “runaway”, went to the Ukraine, blew up, of course, the information field by the fact of its occurrence. Just a day the video received over half a million hits on the Internet, causing even more […]

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“It’s no bloody”: the son of the Strugatsky lost the fight with the pirates


The son of science fiction writer Boris Strugatsky, Andrei Strugatsky, said in his Facebook that he considered losing the fight against “pirates” to spread the books of his father and uncle. photo: In the words of the Strugatsky, “we tried to fight Internet piracy, but piracy, alas, has prevailed.” Despite the fact that literary […]

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Putin became the hero of the cartoon about Prince Vladimir


XXII Open Russian festival of animated film ended in Suzdal is not only giveaways, but also a parade of characters Fyodor Khitruk headed Winnie Puhami. So the animators celebrating the 100th anniversary of the birth of a unique master, “Papa” Winnie the Pooh “Boniface’s Holiday”. Took part in the procession and his grandson Fyodor Khitruk, […]

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Sophia Loren has lit under Matsuev and Kinski were very embarrassed with the tights


On Saturday in Moscow there took place a ceremony of awarding the new international professional music award, in which case the capital brought global stars of the first magnitude — from Dolph Lundgren to Nastassja Kinski. Despite his status and the fact that the event took place at the Bolshoi theatre, many stars were dressed […]

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The father of “the Beatles” and “rolling stones”: he left the life of Chuck berry


On his 90th birthday, the artist said that the records the album “Chuck”, which was supposed to come out in 2017 and become the first job for the last 38 years. However, she was not destined to see the light. Police Department County of St. Charles, Missouri, reported in social networks about the death of […]

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GITIS celebrate at the Bolshoi theatre, the 70th anniversary of the Department of choreography


On Sunday at the Historic Bolshoi theater will host a gala evening dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Department of choreography of the Russian Institute of theatre art (GITIS). Exactly 70 years ago, in the autumn of 1946, at the directing Department of GITIS (and was head of the directing Department […]

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Known acrobat Andrey Koltsov spoke about the crisis of the Russian circus


…In the finals of the acclaimed “the Princess of circus” at the Theatre of musical bow to the audience are two Mr. X — the actual actor, X played and sang, and acrobat Andrey Koltsov, performing (as a backup in the mask) is a complex-equilibrium on a high stack of chairs. And who of those […]

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Rimas Tuminas directed two one-act operas


Loud premiere at Musical theatre of a name of Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko: Rimas Tuminas, the artistic Director of the Vakhtangov theatre, after the apparent success in Large theater staged two one-act operas of the twentieth century — “Oedipus Rex” of Igor Stravinsky and “the Castle of Duke Bluebeard” by Bela Bartok. What a drama Director […]

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Spring “music of Vivaldi”


Usually the so-called author’s song, accompanied by guitar. But there are still “composing branch”, when the singer writes the songs and romances on poems by favorite poets. So, a generation of “sing” by Boris Pasternak, David Samoilov, the Young Moritz thanks to Sergey Nikitin. April 10, in the club-Museum “Eldar” will be acquainted with another […]

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The Lenin library put the first ever multi-language Bible of the SIXTEENTH century


The exhibit can be visited until 24 March, opened at the new venue of the Russian state library, in Ivanov’s room. It was a magnificent result of the work of the leading Russian book designers, who chose fifty rare books from more than 47 million publications stored in the library, which still collects all books, […]

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