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The Museum of Russian Impressionism showed a collection Spivakov

A talented person is talented in everything. A question or a statement? Correspondent “MK” visited the exhibition “Passion” and now I’m sure that Vladimir Spivakov collecting is just a nice hobby, about which the public necessarily know. Vladimir Spivakov thinking about high. Exhibitions of private collections – a special genre of Museum. Curators have to […]

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Sergey Shnurov: “Alcoholics, discussing geopolitics, extinct”

The leader of the “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurov on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the group arrived from St. Petersburg to Moscow and told us about the greed, “nastasescu” Olga Buzova and the border between creativity and art in the application of new soloists Florida and Vasilisa. “Nikita” burst onto the big stage from […]

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Deputy Minister of culture on parting with Alexei Batalov spoke on the piece of paper

A lot of people. Mostly, of course, in the age, those over… He’s played for them, Alexey Batalov, so they remember. Came to say goodbye… Rain, rain… and asks the vulgar phrase: “Nature is crying, mourning”. Yes, there is probably someone up there just watched a favorite movie and told myself, “Moscow does not believe […]

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In the Big passes of the XIII international competition of ballet dancers and choreographers

Over the building of New scene of the Bolshoi theatre waving of flags 27 countries. And at the theater entrance, one can often see “the” ambulance. Moscow is hosting the XIII international competition of ballet dancers and choreographers. Already announced the results of the second round and the results and contest of choreographers. photo: Gennady […]

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Ivanov famous painting reinterpreted in the Tretyakov gallery with the help of “the cleaner”

To the left of the entrance to the Tretyakov gallery you unexpectedly discover a strange object that forms alluding to the temple is a temporary pavilion of the architect Sergey Choban, and inside… inside the animated “the appearance of Christ to the people” Ivanov, reinterpreted in an unusual technique of “transformation of tissue” Pavel Kaplevich: […]

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“Divine” Juliana left the stage: why ballerina Lopatkina retired

Mariinsky theater officially announced that Ulyana Lopatkina announced the end of his career. Lopatkina is rightfully bore the title “divine” and was a symbol of Russian ballet in the last quarter of a century. Photo: Natasha Razina / MARIINSKY THEATRE Star Ulyana Lopatkina has risen rapidly. In the school years, she was gold awarded at […]

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At the Bolshoi theatre melted “snow white” spotlights

Why shoot Lensky and Onegin? Why Lisa drowned herself? What killed violet? Such questions are increasingly asked Opera Directors, competing in the paradoxical answers. And now Lena dead in the accident, Lisa hopped on a boat and Violetta got AIDS. Only the snow maiden somehow managed to melt from the love and the heat of […]

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Alexander Zakharov: “Father I call in the theater – mark A.”

She’s just a student! Not just because the leading actress of “Lenkom”, smart, wonderful… Just to have a date — a good date, frankly. But is it always Alexander Zakharov received their “five”? And what is to be a daughter of the chief Director? This Director! Well, about politics, where the same without this. All […]

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“Uncle Vanya” said the third hundred of the ocean

Thursday night theater. Evgeny Vakhtangov started reading the third hundred of his famous play “Uncle Vanya.” It happened in new York at the festival “Cherry orchard”, the theatre program which takes place in the theater “new York city” on 55 th street. The details — the observer “MK”. Photo: In new York, flattered at […]

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Us investigators took “Oscar” DiCaprio

Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio gave U.S. investigators the statue of the Academy award, which he received as a gift from the producers for shooting the film “the Wolf of wall street”. The award became evidence in the case of a possible theft of funds from the state investment Fund of Malaysia. photo: In July […]

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