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“After the tumor has become even stronger” – unknown Dmitri Hvorostovsky

Its uniqueness as a singer now, tell the record — the incredible simplicity and sincerity beats from any Opera arias, folk songs or military — he was blagorodie any genre. But much more importantly. Dmitry went down in history not only with his voice and charisma, he became a pioneer (if you take people of […]

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In Moscow and Saint-Petersburg ended with a festival of modern choreography Context

International festival of modern choreography Context is not for nothing bears the name of Diana Vishneva. The star of classical dance not only that, it was organized five years ago (so the fest this year celebrated a kind of jubilee), she was always interested in modern dance, who taught him ballet, nearly all important choreographers […]

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Igor Krutoy: “Hvorostovsky almost a year experienced doctors allotted time”

One of those who were close — not only creatively, but purely human — Dmitri Hvorostovsky — a famous Russian composer and producer Igor Krutoy. Today, he recalls the other in the “MK”. photo: Lily Sharlovskoe Igor Krutoy and Dmitri Hvorostovsky – Igor Yakovlevich, you were close friends with Dmitri Hvorostovsky. I certainly knew about […]

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Dahl: as a military doctor was the author of the famous dictionary

216 years ago was born the famous writer, ethnographer and lexicographer Vladimir Dal, the most famous of which was the brainchild of the “Explanatory dictionary of the living great Russian language”. However, before you decide to link their lives with linguistics, he served in the Navy and had a medical practice. Vladimir Dahl. Portrait by […]

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Israeli film set in a Small theatre a play by Friedrich dürrenmatt

The play “the old lady’s Visit” written by Swiss playwright and novelist Friedrich Dürrenmatt in 1956, recently popular, most recently, in early November, the premiere in the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre Director Oleg Dobrovolsky, and at the Maly theatre, the same play was staged by Israeli Director, artistic Director, national theatre “Habima” Ilan Ronen. What is its […]

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“I – Aivazovsky, a native of Crimea”: premiere of the film about the artist

In Moscow premiere of the Russian-Armenian painting “I — Aivazovsky, a native of Crimea.” Withdrew its Director, journalist and Chairman of the Board of medicongress “community of journalists” Ashot dzhazoyan the 200th anniversary of the marine painter. photo: Feodosia art gallery them. Aivazovsky. Ask the author for what he did making a movie. What […]

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Legendary boy bananan of “assy” told about the collective psychosis

Sergei Bugaev (Africa) — artist, actor and musician involved in the group “Pop-mechanics” Sergei Kuryokhin and “Kino” Viktor Tsoi. His country learned as a boy Bananana in the film “AssA” Sergei Solovyov. Then he starred in “2–AssA-2”, the paintings of Sergei Debizhev “Two captains-2” and “Golden section”, created by Timur Novikov in 1981, the group […]

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Lenin constantly pointed to the sun: thus saw the chief sculptor Konenkov

Russian Academy of arts and Memorial Museum “Creative workshop of S. T. Konenkov” opened the exhibition “the Era of Samson”, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the revolution. Photo: Ksenia Guseva. Presented her sculptural and graphic works of Sergei Konenkov, from 1874 to 1971, dedicated to the revolution. Also exhibited the project of the monument […]

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Mute Onegin. Part eight

Mute Onegin. Part I. Mute Onegin. Part II. Mute Onegin. Part III. Mute Onegin. Part IV. Mute Onegin. Part V. Mute Onegin. Part VI. Mute Onegin. Part VII. photo: Alexander Minkin Dueling pistols 1820. Workshop J. B. Ronge Fils A Liege. Barrel length is 10 inches. WITHOUT NUMBER. UNTITLED In a large masterpiece — “Eugene […]

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In Normandy will see the Baikal and actor Eugene Sidikhin

The Film “Anna Karenina. The story of Vronsky’s” Karen Shahnazarova will open the 25th Festival of Russian cinema in Honfleur French. The screenings will be held in other cities of Normandy. And French students from the universities of Rouen and Caen is near, will come to the festival to see our film and meet its […]

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