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Primate brains increased by fruits


Fruit diet provided the primates with energy for brain development. A distinguishing feature of primates is a major brain. However, among biologists and anthropologists, there is still no consensus about why the monkeys he’s so big. One of the most common hypotheses is that the brain in primates has increased due to social life: those […]

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Scientists have found the trail of the biggest living creature


EPA The trail is long, 1.75 meters was discovered in the Australian city of Brisbane. In the city of Brisbane in Australia, the University of Queensland paleontologists have discovered the largest of the known traces of living beings, whose length is 1.75 meters. The researchers note that this is a dinosaur footprint, reports Inquisitr. Trail […]

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The most ancient inhabitants of Spain were suspected of cannibalism


On human bones from the Spanish Mesolithic cave discovered traces of cooking and teeth marks. In the cave of Santa Maira, 120 km South of Valencia, archaeologists have discovered 30 fragments of human bones, among which were parts of skulls of three people (one of the skulls belonged to the baby). All the bones except […]

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The biological clock is governed not only neurons


Accessory cells of the nervous system affect the speed of the circadian rhythm. All organs, all tissues and even almost all cells in our body are subject to circadian or circadian rhythms. Although all bodies have their own system that supports circadian rhythm, they are more obey the master clock – the so-called suprachiasmatic nucleus, […]

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“You” as “I”


The pronoun “you” helps us to draw conclusions from their actions. It happens that, speaking for myself, we do not use the pronoun “I” and talking about himself in the impersonal form – for example, talking about a fail that happened to us personally, we can say something like “got something, lost something”. Or another […]

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The Romans and the Huns took over the lifestyle of each other


The relationship between the inhabitants of the Empire

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Media: Elon Musk connects the brain and the computer


Elon Musk The new company Mask technology is developing a “neural lace”, which will allow you to connect brain and computer. American businessman and inventor, billionaire Elon Musk founded a new company Neuralink developing technologies that can connect the human brain and the computer, according to The Wall Street Journal. According to the publication, the […]

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The Universe found the coldest place media


Photo: Social network Boomerang Nebula, called the coldest place in the Universe They recognized the boomerang nebula where the temperature is minus 272 degrees Celsius. The researchers found the coldest place in the Universe, which recognized the protoplanetary nebula, the boomerang. The authors were experts from the jet propulsion Laboratory (USA), Technical University of Chalmers […]

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On the moon they found the tunnels


Photo: nasa the Hole can lead to underground hole The discovery has been called “the future of humanity.” At the 48th conference of the Lunar and Planetary Science said about the underground tunnels. They are next to the hole on a plateau Marius Hills, the diameter of which is tens of meters. The very hole […]

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Threat up


Cancer mutations occur mostly due to inaccurate copying of DNA. Two years ago researchers from Johns Hopkins University published in Science an article which claimed that the probability of cancer depends on the activity of stem cells. Cancer cells of the prostate gland. (Photo: Medico Space / Cancer cells bone. (Photo: European Space Agency […]

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