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Scientists have found a link between heart disease and reproduction

Heart disease associated with the reproduction of our ancestors Some changes that increase the attractiveness to the opposite sex lead to heart problems in older years. It is expected that problems with the heart and blood vessels today are the main cause of death. This is stated in the article Australian geneticists in the journal […]

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Why do birds have different egg

Rounded or elongated shape of the eggs depends on whether the bird loves to fly. Spotted Sandpiper-carrier in flight. (Photo: Lawrence Wilkin / Eggs of spotted Sandpiper-carrier. (Photo: Rich Mooney / Galapagos Albatross on the nest. (Photo: M. Lozo / Eggs owl. Although owls we believe that good fliers compared to the […]

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The immune system “thinks” the wrong chromosome

The immune system destroys the cells whose division happened incorrect chromosome set. The lymphocyte is a natural killer. (Photo: NIAID / Chromosomes (green) and microtubules of the spindle (red thread, going to the chromosomes on the right and left) whose job it is to pull apart the chromosomes to the poles of the dividing […]

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Scientists call the main difference of humans from animals

Scientists explained the main difference between animals from the people People are able to remember a large amount of consistent information, in contrast to primates. A group of scientists from Sweden have found out what is the main difference between humans and animals. According to them, animals are not able to remember a large amount […]

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NASA showed a photo of “solitude on Mars”

Photo: NASA Rover Curiosity at mount sharp The picture shows the Curiosity Rover on the surface of the red planet

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What determines the likelihood of breast cancer

The likelihood of a breast tumor may be higher or lower depending on the person’s age, family history and location of mutations in oncogenes. Dividing cells of ovarian cancer. (Photo: ecancer medicalscience / Of breast cancer cells. (Photo by crafty_dame / Single cell of breast cancer. (Photo: Medico Space / ” ” […]

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Hawking: Humans must leave Earth

Photo: Getty Images Stephen Hawking Scientist believes the human race is only a matter of time and advises to establish a base on the moon and Mars.   Renowned British physicist Stephen Hawking believes that humanity needs to colonize Mars in the next 30-50 years, writes The Telegraph. Speaking at the International festival of science […]

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In adults, the fathers often born geeks – scientists

Photo: Shutterstock the older the man is, the more enthusiastic will be his son It is assumed that the phenomenon may be associated with mutations in the genes age fathers. Boys born to middle-aged couples often grow up to be highly intelligent, extremely passionate about their ideas and interests. About the study the American and […]

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Ukrainian universities entered the ranking of the best in Europe

Lviv Polytechnic University was the best among Ukrainian universities First place in the ranking took the University of Oxford. In a new ranking of the best universities in Europe by the British magazine Times Higher Education (THE) was four Ukrainian University. Only in the European ranking of universities THE got 400 organizations, which accounted for […]

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Is it possible to tan without UV

The synthesis of melanin in the skin can be run with the help of special molecules that activate the “sun genes”. Perhaps in the near future it will be possible to tan without the sun and Solarium. (Photo: ridofranz / Depositphotos.) Melanocyte – a cell that synthesize the pigment melanin. Clusters of pigment – melanosome […]

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