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How the brain separates seen from unseen

Acting on a specific area of the cortex, it is possible to force the brain to remember something that they had never seen. Pathways in one hemisphere of the macaque brain. (Photo: IBF.gagueira / Two visual pathways originating in the primary visual cortex in the occipital lobe in the hemispheres: the dorsal (“upper”) way, […]

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“Virtual heart” will help to solve a problem with arrhythmia

Heart cells grown in a computer, similar in behavior to the real cardiac cells. Cardiomyocytes (red) and fibroblasts (green) from the heart of an embryo chicken. (Photo: arboreus / Cardiomyocytes (yellow and orange) and fibroblasts (blue) in the four experimental cultures separately, in a monolayer, with and without nanovolokna. (Illustration: MIPT.)” ” Cardiac muscle […]

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Japan has successfully tested an underwater power plant

Photo: Screenshot video Setting to generate electricity Scientists tested a new method for the production of electricity by ocean current. In Japan, the world’s first tested the installation for the production of electricity by undersea currents of the ocean, according to broadcaster NHK. Power plant consists of three located at a depth of 20-50 meters […]

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Vitamin C against leukemia

Ascorbic acid does not give the stem cells to turn into a hotbed of leukemia. Progenitor cells of T and b leukocytes. (Photo By Dennis Kunkel Microscopy, Inc. / Visuals Unlimited / Corbis.) Predecessors of b-cells in bone marrow sample of a patient with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. (Photo Of Rare Diseases /” ” Leukemia […]

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NASA showed the convergence of the asteroid with the Earth

Photo: a frame from the video Florence asteroid will approach the Earth on 1 September. Scientists of the American space Agency (NASA) released a video where you can see the animation of the close approach of asteroid Florence to the Ground. Video is published on the Agency’s channel on YouTube. Asteroid Florence, which is one […]

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Why is marine plastic falls to the bottom

Microplastics sink to the bottom due to the mucus of appendicularia. Appendicularia (blue “tadpole” with a tail) and her “filter house” surrounded by particles of colored plastic. (Photo: MBARI.) Appendicularia with coloured plastic around and inside yourself. (Photo: K. Katija et al., Science Advances 2017.)” ” Plastic debris in the oceans has long become a […]

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Children learn good human stories

The child learned any morality, it is morality to tell him in the form of stories from the lives of people, not animals. (Photo: aboikis /Depositphotos.) In children’s literature, children’s films and cartoons, children’s games, swarming with various animals – brave bunnies, sly foxes, industrious ants, mice, sparrows, etc. That go far, to recall the […]

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Using emojis increases the chances of a sex scientist

Photo: New York Post Emoji increase the chances of success in love Affairs. The relation between the use of emoticons and likely Dating lovers. British linguist Vyvyan Evans found that between the number of emoticons in correspondence to potential lovers and the likelihood of sexual contact there is a link, reports the New York Post. […]

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For happiness you need the right emotions

Happy people – not those who don’t generally never angry, and those who are angry for the right reason. (Photo: konstantynov / Depositphotos.) We share feelings and emotions good and bad, pleasant and unpleasant, positive and negative. Pleasant, positive and good is the joy, pleasure, love, etc.; unpleasant, negative, bad – it is anger, anger, […]

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NASA showed a colorful photo of Jupiter

Photo credit: NASA One of the sides of Jupiter are presented on high-quality photo The photographs are presented Red spot of the gas giant and one of its sides. NASA scientists unveiled a new colourful pictures of Jupiter taken with JunoCam. The photographs of the Great red spot

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