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Scientists have discovered how dinosaurs appeared beak

Model giant flying dinosaur Hatzegopteryx Birds and lizards have lost teeth and gained a beak due to the transition to the new diet. In the East of China paleontologists have discovered an unusual dinosaur that reveal the history of the appearance of the beak of the ancient reptiles and the ancestors of birds, according to […]

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In Ukraine implement a surveillance system for disease

Photo: AIF-Ukraine In Ukraine there will be a system of disease surveillance In the electronic monitoring system will include regional management of Gospodarevskaya, 24 regional laboratory. Ukraine to introduce electronic integrated disease surveillance. On Monday, September 25, reported the press service of the state service of Ukraine on food safety and consumer protection. It is […]

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“Adult movies” as the cause of impotence

Photo: Getty Image the researchers found that “adult films” dangerous to health Experts say the increase in erectile dysfunction among young people. A group of American scientists announced the distribution of erectile dysfunction among young people in connection with the viewing of films for adults (PIED), reports Rolling Stone. Despite the fact that there are […]

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In Russia found a new leech

Leeches, parasitic on bivalves, came to the rivers of Primorye from China and Japan. Leeches B. kasmiana inside the shell of the bivalve. (Photo by press service of the Northern Federal University.) Researchers from Northern (Arctic) Federal University together with colleagues from the Federal center for integrated study of the Arctic, RAS found in Primorye […]

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Australia will create its own space Agency

Photo: NASA, Australia will become a full member of the club of space powers The space services market is estimated at $330 billion. Australia plans to build its own space Agency. This was announced at the opening ceremony of the International Astronautical Congress in Adelaide, the Minister of science Michele Cache, reports SBS. The Minister […]

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Atlas V rocket launched a secret satellite USA

The carrier rocket Atlas V The start was made from the spaceport Vandenberg in California. The United Launch Alliance launched the Atlas V rocket with classified satellite for the U.S. intelligence. Video of the launch published on the website of the company. The rocket launched from the spaceport Vandenberg in California. Previously scheduled for September […]

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Slow earthquake in new Zealand

Regular earthquake hit the South island of New Zealand late last year, triggered a slow earthquake near the North island. Move the earth’s crust in the zone of the Alpine fault and related earthquake led to the formation of the Southern Alps. The photo – mount cook, the highest point of New Zealand. (Photo: B. […]

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European scientists have separated the homeopathy medicine

Photo: Getty European scientists spoke out against homeopathy An important item on the European application was the allegation of direct harm done by homeopathy is consuming her people. The Council of the European academies of Sciences from different countries, criticized homeopathy, and warned that advertising and the use of homeopathic products “can bring a lot […]

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Infants understand the meaning of work

Little children see the connection between effort spent on the solution of a task and the end result. (Photo: IgorTishenko / Depositphotos.) It is known that young children understand causal relationships, and children don’t need big statistics, it takes just a few illustrative examples. Psychologists do not get tired to see this – so, the […]

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Scientists call the beginning of a new mass extinction on Earth

Photo: NASA the Earth is increasing concentration of carbon dioxide The concentration of carbon dioxide in the ocean will reach a critical point even in the execution of the Paris and Kyoto agreements on climate change. Following the mass extinction of animals on Earth will begin in the year 2100, when the concentration of carbon […]

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