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Star N6946-BH1 mysteriously disappeared from the Universe

Photo: In the Universe disappeared star N6946-BH1 Scientists suddenly “lost” the star, which they followed for several years. Star N6946-BH1, for which the American astronomers observed for several years, suddenly disappeared, according to NASA. The researchers, according to the information received, do not know the exact reasons why the heavenly body disappeared from sight. […]

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On orbit brought the second nanosatellite Ukraine

Photo: Iz jerel vakrita Ukraine already has two spacecraft in orbit Nanosatellite PolyITAN-2 is already out Tonight nanosatellite PolyITAN-2, developed by specialists of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute, was released on his own orbit from the International space station, where it on April 18 from Cape Canaveral brought the rocket ATLAS-5. About it reports a press-service […]

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Why the whales became big

The ancestors of baleen whales have increased in size because of the ice age, adapting to new conditions of supply. Blue whale feeding on plankton is one of the largest animals that ever lived on Earth. (Photo: turbo thumbs / Biologists have long debated why the whales became large. According to one hypothesis, they […]

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Drones in space. Hypersonic arms race

XS-1 to the representation of the artist Between America, China and Russia

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The Juno probe is recorded cosmic “song” of Jupiter

Photo: NASA Recorded the strange “music” Jupiter Also, the probe made an amazing pictures of the largest planet of the Solar system. NASA has published an audio file with a “space music” of Jupiter, which was able to record the Juno probe. The Agency noted that such sounds arise from the interaction of the magnetic […]

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The space researchers saw Ivan the terrible

With the help of multispectral imaging for space research staff IKI “saw” portrait of Tsar Ivan IV the terrible on the cover of “Apostle.” Portrait of Ivan the terrible on the binding tray of the instance of the Apostle by Ivan Fedorov (1564) from the Fund of the Museum. Photographing in narrow-band range of the […]

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Ten types, which surprised the world in 2016

Centipede amphibian, spider hat, an ant-dragon, devil’s Orchid and other new types of living beings who managed to surprise biologists in the past year. Now nearly ten years – since 2008 – experts of the International Institute for the study of types publish lists of particularly outstanding animals and plants described by biologists over the […]

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Cassini has captured raging storm on Saturn

Photo: NASA Hexagonal hurricane on Saturn The images were sent to Earth and made public by NASA. NASA has published several photos of Saturn taken by the Cassini spacecraft on the solstice. The photographs of the hexagonal storm that is raging above the planet’s surface, as stated on the Agency’s website. Experts have commented on […]

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In New Zealand first launched a rocket into space

Photo: the Electron rocket Launch in New Zealand This is the first launch from a private airfield. In New Zealand the first in the history of the country’s rocket launch into space. Rocket ultralight class Electron American aerospace company Rocket Lab has started from the East coast of the North island. According to local […]

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The causes of the disaster “Schiaparelli”

Completed an independent external investigation into the circumstances and causes a hard landing demonstration module “Schiaparelli” Russian-European mission ExoMars. 19 Oct 2016 while trying to descent to the surface of Mars lander expedition ExoMars crashed. He entered the Martian atmosphere at an altitude of about 122.5 miles at a speed of about 21 thousand kilometers […]

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