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Genetic editing to prevent the blindness


Using the method of genetic modification CRISPR managed to slow the death of photoreceptors in the retina in mice. Method for genome editing called CRISPR (or CRISPR/Cas) in the last two years has become one of the most debated topics in science. It literally borrowed from bacteria: in his natural form, the mechanism of CRISPR/Cas […]

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The astronomer predicted the imminent receipt of a signal from aliens


Scientist believe that the aliens are sending us signals Now NASA does not conduct the search for extraterrestrial civilizations. The chief astronomer of the American Institute SETI Seth Shostak is confident that in the next 10-12 years, scientists can take a signal from extraterrestrial civilizations, proving the existence of aliens. The researcher in an interview […]

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Frog light


South American tree frogs have found the ability to fluorescence. When talking about glowing animals, usually referring to bioluminescence. In bioluminescence light is obtained by a special enzymatic reaction: for example, the enzyme luciferase, which in different versions have bugs fireflies, oxidize a special substance called luciferin, and light is obtained as a by-product of […]

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Ukrainian scientists announced the cure for cancer


Photo: TSN Valery Litvinov said that the Ukrainian scientists have created a cure for cancer This medication is based on Antarctic microorganisms that live there in extreme conditions. The Director of the National Antarctic center Valery Litvinov said that the Ukrainian scientists based on research with polar station has created a cure for cancer, reports […]

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Shivering against fat


Vibration from head to toe to help slow the obesity and developing diabetes. Trying to get rid of excess weight, many of us spend a lot of time and effort to treadmills and other fitness. However, experiments show Meghan McGee-Lawrence (Meghan McGee-Lawrence) and her colleagues from the University of Augusta, the same effect can be […]

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SpaceX successfully launched a communications satellite into orbit


The launch of the Falcon 9 rocket The satellite, EchoStar will hold in the space of 15 years. Us company SpaceX has successfully launched from the spaceport at Cape Canaveral heavy Falcon 9 rocket with the satellite EchoStar 23. This was reported on the company’s page in Twitter. The run went according to plan, the […]

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The great barrier reef turn white due to warming


Photo: the Problem of coral bleaching is evident today as ever Researchers believe that the process threatens the very existence of the reef. Continuing for the second consecutive year, coral bleaching Great Barrier reef can be stopped only by adopting measures to combat global warming, scientists say. The study of the phenomenon of “whitening” […]

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Memory training changes the brain


Mnemonic technique reconfigures the connection between the brain nerve centers. Memory all people are different – someone has to record the birthdays of even the closest relatives and friends not to forget them in time to congratulate, and someone once able to memorize one hundred and fifty unfamiliar names. Can one teach the other? People […]

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NASA showed the robot to search for alien life


Photo: NASA showed compact robot to search for life on other planets The robot is able to overcome extreme landscapes because of its compact design. Space Agency NASA has unveiled a video with a robot that can be used to search for life on Mars or Jupiter’s moon Europe. Device Pop-Up Flat FoldingExplorer Robots […]

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In Israel have discovered a Roman road


Near the road found coins minted in a few decades after the beginning of a new era of Roman prefect Pontius Pilate. Before laying the new pipeline to Jerusalem, the Israel antiquities authority conducted excavations near Beit Shemesh. As a result, the archaeologists, with whom students worked at the nearby school, found last February to […]

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