“Censorship here will not hide behind” who changed Kekhman in the Novosibirsk theater

The end of the season in musical theatre was rich in sensation: Vladimir Kekhman, CEO of Novatus, on the meeting of the staff declared their intention to leave the post. The decision of the Director related to ending the bankruptcy process and the formal inability to borrow for three years in administrative positions. Was announced a name a new acting Director General. They will be Viacheslav Starodubtsev 36 — year-old chief Director of the theater, put in the last two years in Novate a few notable performances. And not only in Novate.

Viacheslav Starodubtsev

— Glory, with your hand, it is quite a clever solution? Because you take office in the atmosphere of social unrest, even scandal.

— I doubt it. But not because of some riots or scandals. Earlier I refused offers to take a kind of administrative post, although it was suggested — in the Primorsky Krai, in Khabarovsk, in Moscow . Just used to be free, to work on multi-genre projects in different cities of the country. I’m in the provincial native of Tula. My family was never associated with art — I’m from a military family. And in Novosibirsk was not from Moscow, and from the Far East. And once you are here, I am, no matter how pathetic it sounds, I found my purpose. The theater has become a part of my life. I lived in the theater — literally lived. Just the other day that moved from the theater to the apartment. The troupe of the theatre, its staff, the musicians — everyone was tired of upheavals, of disasters and perceived me as a defender. People want work, creativity. I was received warmly, we set off in bright story. And the fact that for two years we have released five Opera premieres — a measure.

But to be the chief Director and gendirector is not the same thing.

I have always had in their projects producer, and not just a Director. Well versed in accounting, estimates, marketing. I have such a nature — to be involved in the process. Example for me — my teacher Dmitry Bertman (Dmitry Bertman, artistic Director and General Director of the Moscow theater “Helikon-Opera”. — “MK”). Contemporary Director is also an organizer. And the tutor. And teacher. And educator. I’m interested in the diversity of forms and functions that theatre can offer to the audience. Theatre as a social organism, not a building with a stage where there are performances. We have started educational project “Open NOVATUS”: a series of lectures, conversations, meetings with the audience. I wanted to see Novosibirsk spectators, to establish them for feedback, understand that they wonder what they lack. We have a joint project with the Museum of Tchaikovsky in Klin. We have big plans for the opening of the new concert hall is a modern platform inside the theater for 300 seats where you will pass various thematic programmes. One of them we prepare it together with Faith Tariverdieva — devoted to film music. With a faculty of doing a joint project “Theatre and philosophy”. Alexander Vasiliev lectures about fashion. Cooperate with Mstislav Rostropovich.

Your candidacy was supported by many famous people you had a chance to work, — Olga Rostropovich, Kirill KROK, Vladimir Mirzoev, Roman Viktyuk, Dmitry Bertman. But there are opponents. But you take the responsibility not only for creativity but also for the economy. Including will have to deal with accusations of destruction of the monument.

— 16 seasons I worked in the “Gelikon”, it is a great experience. Including went from the war with Arhnadzor to have enthusiasm for the new building of “Helikon-Opera”. So now when I hear demands for the return of the building Novatus “daemonname” condition — with broken chairs with indecent toilets, I well understand how any of these moves and what’s behind them. Do a lot of lying around the theatre, but we are busy and we have no time to pay attention to the ridiculous nonsense. I swear the same people who previously abused by Dmitry Chernyakov and Teodor Currentzis, and now talk about them enthusiastically, these people need someone to blame, they are not able to create. And I follow the statements of our spectators in Instagram, other social media — never seen one bad review about the theatre. And there is another point — is the sale of tickets. Go to the website — before each performance you’ll see in the “Buy ticket”: all air tickets sold.

— In Novosibirsk called you Vladimir Kekhman?

— No, we were not familiar with Mr Abramovich. I was in Vladivostok. I called Dmitri Jurowski (chief conductor of Novatus. — “MK”) before this, at the Mstislav Rostropovich festival was doing “Lady Macbeth”. And said, “Need to produce “Turandot” in a week”. So I came here. Met with Kekhman, who told me, “You’re only here because you called Yurovsky”. We released “Turandot” stage for 48 hours. It is in the style of Vladimir Abramovich — he’s like a human whirlwind, vivid, unusual, rapid, quick.

— You have put in Novate highly original “Aida”, then provocative “Queen of spades”. And yet, for all the originality of these productions, they are on the side of today’s popular Director’s radicalism. What is it? Adaptation to “province” or are you really?

Now before all not come, but you will soon. We are at a crossroads. Previously, we sought to experiment with the avant-garde. Didn’t matter WHAT the matter HOW. And how scandalous, sharper, apatania. But now we begin to understand that in vivid form often hides the lack of content. And the people who came to the theater, I want to dive into content. It became clear who is who. Someone just have nothing to show, except another shocking cheap wrapper. We begin to look for someone to blame why not work? It worked before but now doesn’t? And find the answer: censorship have appeared! Does not allow to speak freely… But the question arises: what art existed before, during Soviet times when censorship actually existed? As it turned out masterpieces? The answer is very simple: then and now, working with different employers — private clients, drama theatres, foundations, state ballet — artist depends on yourself. From his imagination, if he had anything to say to the viewer. But if he has nothing to say, it will not save any form. And censorship here will not cover.

— It is hard to imagine that Vladimir Kekhman, who for a short time managed to bring theatre to a whole new level, will no longer participate in the life of this theater.

— It is impossible to imagine. Vladimir Abramovich is the artistic Director of the Mikhailovsky theater, which all these years had Novatus creative and administrative support. Without this organizational and creative Alliance would not be such a promotion. I am sure that managerial skills Kekhman will be needed.

— What are the objectives as the new leader of one of the largest Opera theatres of Russia?

— If briefly — to bring the Novosibirsk theatre on a global level. To it knew, not on the scandals, and the artists, orchestra and performances. Now I’m in talks with Nicolas Payne accession Novatus Opera Europa (the world’s largest professional Association of Opera houses. — “MK”), which he directs. In the unique theatre troupe. I’m not a supporter of the policy of building a repertoire exclusively on guest stars. We need to develop your team and grow its own soloists. Therefore, we are creating trainee group. I have already listened to 15 candidates, graduates of the Conservatory, the four took to the trainee group. In fact, maybe it’s presumptuous, but I want to build a new model of organization and management theatre. It is important to find a balance between economic, marketing and the principles of art, breaking the structure of the conventional understanding of theatre. It is a socio-cultural body, which includes many meanings and functions. Yesterday we planted the alley theatre is a movement in the direction of unification of artists and spectators. And in any case not to engage in debate and refute the lies. To prove things.

Dossier “MK”

Viacheslav Starodubtsev — Director, Ph. D., the graduate of GITIS (workshop of Dmitry Bertman).

Permanent participant of international film festival of countries ATR Pacific meridian (Pacific Meridian). The organizer and producer of international art projects in Japan (the literary-music festival “Live Russian word”, Tokyo), India (Jazz forever, new Delhi), Spain (Danza De Amor, Benidorm), Estonia (Portrait Gallery “Tarkovski PEEGEL. Teine Ma olen Puu”, Tallinn), and Belarus (the Days of Russian culture, Minsk). Director of plays in various genres, including “Helikon-Opera”, the Center of Opera singing of Galina Vishnevskaya, the Roman Viktyuk Theatre, Primorsky Opera and ballet theatre, Mikhailovsky theatre etc. in 2017 the chief Director of Novatus.

New 73rd season opens on September 7 the Opera “Love drink” by Gaetano Donizetti, and in may of 2018 in Novate will be a significant musical event — the premiere of the Opera “Norma”, where the title role will perform Veronica Dzhioeva.

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