China’s exports declined for the second consecutive year, the biggest since 2009 recession

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Amid weak global demand and opasni trade war with the US, Chinese exports are greatly reduced.

The decline of Chinese exports has continued in 2016 because of lower supplies and continued weak global demand and fears of a trade war with the United States that overshadowed forecasts for 2017, according to Reuters.

The largest country in the world in terms of trade on Friday unveiled data which had been disappointing: exports in 2016 declined by 7.7 percent in annual terms, whereas imports by 5.5 percent.

Foreign trade this year will not be easy to recover, especially if the inauguration of the trump and other significant political changes will limit the growth of Chinese exports through the expansion of protectionist measures, said on Friday the administration of customs of China.

Exports in December fell 6.1 percent in annual terms, down from forecasts, while imports has exceeded my expectations, adding 3 .1 percent due to strong demand for commodities.

A positive trade balance in December amounted to $40,82 billion, compared with $44, 61 billion in November.

Whereas the export figures in General, the whole year was disappointing, and the supply grew only one month out of 12, the trends of imports was more upbeat, signifying domestic demand growth around mid-year, as companies imported more raw materials for the construction boom.

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