Churchill on the eve of war with Hitler dreamed about aliens? Found a unique essay British Prime Minister’s contact with other worlds

A group of scientists from the United States managed to find an unknown until today, the essay, the authorship of which is attributed to former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

According to “Russian conversation” such information published edition of Nature.

11-page manuscript kept in the archives of the Museum of Fulton, is dedicated to the memory of politician and statesman. There she found herself after transferring from a private collection.

The text contains arguments about whether there is extraterrestrial life. Scientists have found that Churchill wrote about him in 1939 and planned to publish it in a newspaper. However, the article never saw the light.

The creation is called “are we Alone In the universe?”. The politician draws attention to something important for living organisms property as the reproduction and multiplication . Also notes the fundamental importance of water resources on the planet and, using out of date wording, describes the concept of “zone of habitability” of the stars used in our days.

Focusing on the principles established by Copernicus, Churchill suggested that the magnitude of the Universe cannot be such, that life originated only on the surface of the Earth, ignoring the whole billions of other similar planets.

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