CNN: rebel officer Oscar Perez were killed in a clash with Venezuelan security forces

TASS, January 16. Rebel Venezuelan officer Oscar Perez, was killed Monday during combat operations with law enforcement agencies in the suburbs of Caracas. This was reported by the website of TV channel CNN in Spanish, citing a source in the government of Venezuela.

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“The situation is close to catastrophic”: the causes and consequences of the crisis in Venezuela

According to the Ministry of internal Affairs, justice and peace, a group Perez has been neutralized, some of its members were destroyed, five people were arrested. Accurate information about the number of killed members of the group and the fate of the Peres officially was not made public. In the collision, according to the statement, the interior Ministry, were killed two police officers and five were seriously injured .

In June, former inspector General of the Corps of scientific, penal and forensic investigations staged the shelling of buildings of the Supreme court and the interior Ministry in Caracas from the helicopter, no one was hurt. In December, the rebel officer took responsibility for the seizure of the Venezuelan army barracks in the state of Miranda. He headed the group managed to take about 25 rifles and several pistols, information about the victims of their actions was not made public.

The crisis in Venezuela

Over the past years, Venezuela is going through an acute socio-economic crisis, accompanied by rapid inflation and the devaluation of the national currency.

Since April of last year the country several months, was rocked by organized opposition protests against the actions of the Executive. The reason for them was the Supreme court’s decision expands the powers of President Nicolas Maduro and limiting the functions of Parliament. During this time, killed more than 120 people, thousands of protesters were injured.

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