Concubine Lavrenty Pavlovich

Andrei Yakhontov working on a historical canvas that will span the entire twentieth century. In the novel “God’s Treasury” are Grigory Rasputin, Nicholas II, Freud, Kafka, Leo Tolstoy, Dmitri Mendeleev, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, and ordinary common people: Regent of the assumption Cathedral in the Kremlin Vissarion Balaev, his son Peter, sage Shimon, the beautiful Rebekah and her fiancé Pinchas, as well as the granddaughter of Rasputin Evfrosinia, became a reluctant concubine of Lavrenty Beria. The excerpt from the work.

photo: Alex geldings

— But imagine: wouldn’t just run away From you… bespectacled villain. With Malaya Nikitskaya, building №28/1. And I could see how they kill him… You probably would love it. Out of compassion. Life is full of incongruities. No, it is not necessary to go into a loop, swallowing poison, cutting veins, each moment surprises. Sometimes pleasant. Learn Lavrentiy winningly smile — and furnish’d the speckled mustachioed dictator . Bun Khrushchev. But Lavrentiy not seen ourselves. And seemed to themselves to be riding charm. None of the monster does not understand that it is a monster.

No doubt: the incessant subject has valuable information. Evfrosinia upsets: Bay type of criminal dalekovato!

He said

— Maybe if Beria didn’t look old shabby owl in his rumpled hat and would choose any costume and fun at the same time religion, the line between good and evil in his nature would have shifted for the better…

Evfrosinia shrugged:

— Kindness, it is kindness, ‘said she,’ and the executioner, whatever good deeds in between executions may be committed, remains a killer. He knew that not killing enemies and innocent citizens. But he’s killing his fun. Never would I had not fell in love!

Evfrosinia surreptitiously studying is not Joe blow seemed to her a stranger. Worn-out shoes, wrinkled pants slipping. In addition he danced. Bounce! Artist! But where did you find out about Beria’s mansion?

I was sure she never before this, God forgive me, the screw-head are not met. Alarmed that flexible, genolist (as would say Fedor bustling about the scoundrels) is a pre-echo (if echo is) ahead of it is barely incipient impulses.

— Lavrentiy not to blame for the atrocities that he was possessed by the spirit of Malyuta Skuratov. — The stranger stubbornly stood up for the person about whom Evfrosinia could not hear without a shudder. — Ivan the terrible before his death, was terrified of the afterlife retribution, opened the prison, Beria after Stalin’s death for the same reason, released prisoners from prisons. God’s punishment is not always gets hot on the trail, often in later life.

All of them gathered at night, the gang foresaw that sooner or later will come an end to the bloody orgies, ‘ she said. — People who have nothing to hide, guzhuyutsya in sunlight or in the evenings after a hard day, and at night their coven thieves, murderers and Crookshanks, divide the loot, brag about the badness…

— Revel in wine and smoke — echoed a strange type.

“Tall, said she, returning after a night of gatherings and entering the room, which he unlocked with his key (no one has more access to the alcove was not), her jailer, her bespectacled-seabasty, smelling of tobacco, gutted of cigarettes “Herzegovina Flor” honey, I’m good!”. Fell on the edge svezhezastelennuyu crunchy starched linen of the bed and shook like jelly. “I have overcome fear,” he repeated, convincing himself first of all. Explosive mix of horror and love burned inside of him. Pouring out affection, promised: “I will Destroy anyone who will try to stop us. Even his! Destroy him!”. Cold gelatinous thighs were cramping — so twitching under drops of sulphuric acid, or by a discharge electric current of the experimental frog.

Only Frosya bespectacled adulterer found oblivion. (With men it happens: there is petroconst to one opilochnoj women’s pussy, giving happiness convulsive possession.) Crawling clumsy lizard: brisk eyes, sharp little tongue, is extorting a favor. Braided ringed loops, clawed feet, clutched in the slippery embrace. The mirror of the wardrobe stood opposite the bed, and dispassionately showed the abomination of harassment and concessions.

Wanted she was jealous and creaking steps of a wooden staircase, went to the legitimate wife, on the first floor. Or depict as having fun with Actresses. Frosya was forced to drink sweet red wine, and she imagined — released from the veins of someone’s life. Not odurmanit myself, could not share a bed with him. It shivered when he touched her. Could order, but she would not obey. Removed from distressed leather portfolio multi-page lists. Names were marked with green check marks, circled, ocherknuta blue and red pencils. “One, so be it, mercy”. She asked: “Two. Three! Four!”. He shook his head, squeezed in accordion face — a reflection of light on the wavy water, “Want me to turn into goulash? Better to get him a livelihood, than to be a wait!”. And honed green, red, blue pencils to colour in a new death sentence.

She broke the reflection, when he produced a dead firstborn. Realized that more can not give birth. Ordered to bury snaky little body in the yard, in the flowerbed with dahlias, otherwise lifeless child would have fed the monster, sitting in the tower-peaked (as the stakes, which are planted), the color of blood with milk are anathema to the Kremlin. Watched the burial from the window. To appeal to the to: in response to a request to get a figure of the Buddha or the picture of Nikola-Man the torturer poured “Hvanchkara” and swelled reverie: “mom and Dad sold our house along with icons to give me a diligent student and obedient son, a well-rounded education. I’m used to no icons. Used to take anti-aging in a bloody bathtub. We all rejuvenate at night the Owner!”.

One he told her about the last feast in the country mustachioed ghoul. Was served, as usual, stewed in mustard sauce, generals, roasted on a spit policemen and chopped, baked in their helmets of firefighters. Eater, he admitted: “My father hated Ministers, police and weavers, but was ogledow on Europe and to discover the true feelings are not resolved, I, unlike dad, eating crows and cats is not limited to”.

The guests departed, and delayed a major supplier of delicacies (and incidentally frosin lover), browse the chief Minotaur, which is also a day not close our eyes, yearns for all to be like the ideal ruler of the vampire, dissolved in a glass of poison. There was no certainty that pockmarked the tyrant, he returned from the bathroom, sitting for long periods of time, drink up the remains of “Kindzmarauli”. To rely on such luck was crazy audacity. But the dictator, Glupov, made an impressive vinous SIP. And laid the palm of your hand over the rubber suspenders that held his breeches.

Seabasty smeegal waited until about with slackened in the heel heart starts to thump smoother (there was a reason to vrement and not to go headlong), and took a SIP of his neotpravlennoe of the glass. And the man-eater was poured into the stomach of another large portion of death. Only when predvybornyi rattle badly sharpened saw chromanol silence of the night, daredevil left stuffed protection of the country of the Lodge and rushed into an armored car on a dark Moscow, rutted “black funnels”.

Biography of the deceased Generalissimo — the official, printed in pamphlets, and school textbooks were fiction, Evfrosinia many times heard about this from lover-captive: the Minotaur has arrived to the Kremlin not from Georgia, which supposedly made a hat of the Golden fleece and leather boots ethnographer Przewalski, and of the catacombs of the Alexander Palace and concealed under jacket thick coat and boots — a six-toed foot, but the mug with the dips and ruts on the place of the uprooted strands exposes the secret of his origin. The lights were on in the Kremlin maze dungeon Highlander until late in the morning: he regaled brought from the Lubyanka human flesh.

— There is a difference between the previous and the current Economy, — came over the ear, as if from a distance flown in a low voice. Buffoon was podderjival short pants and smoothed peg strand: — something mankind lived, reflected on its history and came to the conclusion that courage is to refrain from killing. Imagine Brutus, who stabbed Caesar. What a relief for all and especially for him: the usurper pardoned, let him live and see, let them open the prison, or let the Lord decide his fate.

In the hand of the talker, and he flashed a sharp shard of mercurial mirror.

— The same, you broken in the bedroom on the second floor of the cursed mansion… Mirror doesn’t disappear, never disappears.

On the dull surface Evfrosinia saw: the aged ogously bespectacled man creeps on his knees, begging for mercy, but the bald Colonel Marahton and head of state Nikita Khrushchev and a hairy Outgoing Panyushkin and Thugs-Serdechkin race released in hugging their legs recent ally gunfire, dragged baggy corpse in the corner of the garden and, fearing that the victim would rise, mosiac hitting rocks and Bouncing, like a ball head with rifle butts. Limp body is thrown into a compost pit under the cherry tree. His glasses came off, the frog jumped to the side, at him with a crunch came boots…

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