Congress continues to tie the hands of Trump: the senators are going to install the “fuse” for the lifting of sanctions by the law

Several us senators and members of the house of representatives filed in each of the chambers a bill on the control of authorities over potential attempts to lift sanctions against Russia.

According to “Russian conversation”, a revision or lifting of sanctions is now possible within the prescribed 120-day period.

Moreover, this act was the codification of some previous Executive orders of Barack Obama, and now for a complete abolition of anti-Russian measures necessary to obtain the consent of Congress.

Indicates that the condition for lifting the sanctions is the appeal to the office of the President with the argument about the necessity of such actions.

“The report will require confirmation that the government of Russia has stopped operations in Ukraine, and cyber attacks against the Americans,” reads the text .

The list of initiators of the bill is submitted to Congress including the names of Republican senators John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Mark Rubio, and Democrats Ben Cardin, Sherrod brown and Claire of Kaskaskia.

To be effective, the document needs to take in both houses of Congress and signed by the President of the United States.

It is worth noting that even the previous head of state Obama was against such strict safety measures, despite the approval after long sanctions.

According to the coordinator of the Democratic party in the house of representatives, Steny Hoyer, Congress is supposed to show the Kremlin’s inability to blend in internal American politics, extracting the benefits.

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